Chewed To Stubs
Contined to a lightless cell, locked in solitaire

Denied food and water, a cruel form of punishment

Expecting me to die, I am never to be fed

In thirty days the jailers surprised when I'm not dead

I feed upon myself, my body is my repast

In gluttony I carouse in my corporeal cuisine

Taking in nourishment, literally from head to toe

Aside from the hair and pain the mainn course is great

Appendages devoured and chewed to stubs

The trunk of my gnawed body projecting nubs

My own flesh and pith taste delectable

As my hunger is satisfied by consuming myself

As the days roll on I ration on fodder

Nibbling slowly upon my shoulders and arms

I have to force myself to self-cannibalize

On my meaty parts I gormandize

Swallowing lumps of my personal provisions

Life prolonged by gorging on my bodily grub

What is to be the bill-of-fair tonight?

Will it be my left leg or my right?

When the captors finally open my sealed cage

An astonishing, appalling sight they find

Their prisoner disarticulated and terrible gnashed

Belly bloated with dissevered bites eaten of my mass

My nipples bitten off and ground between my teeth

Now I prepare to dine upon my bloody, severed tongue

Unable to eat belching erupts from my bloody chops