[Part I - The Beginning]

I was down and I found no need to live

Walked around with the moonlight guiding me

Met a man who was sitting by a tree

Went to him and asked him: "Won't you help me please!"

So the man looked up and stared at me

His eyes bore wisdom and relief

His lips didn't move as I heard him speak

What I heard I felt in me - "You're doomed eternally!"

[Ref.:] "If you want to lift this curse of yours,

Leave your home and walk the distant woods,

See (the) Inferno and the Paradise,

See the beast and god with your own eyes."

"Where to go and whom to ask", I screamed -

Wrung my hands in hate and agony -

"I'm alone no one's here to follow me!

I'm scared and lonely - and I'm doomed eternally!"

But the man just looked away and smiled

As he slowly faded before my eyes,

Left alone but with an aim to live

Went the moon to follow as a guide to my release.



[Part II - The Dream]

The evening

As the night fell down across the land, a man comes to his house.

A lonely house for no one waits - no children cry, no children's cries.

He takes off his clothes and goes to bed, his mind's so numb - his mind's so


As he sloses his eyes he wishes to die (to) die in his peaceful sleep - in his


The dream

[The fugutive:]

Embedded in a velvet heart of jasmine roses in the dark.

The light of sunrise kissing minds to wake the sleeper in the night.

'Wake up you (- you) dazzled troll - for you enface a bleeding hour,

where all your sins in pain will leave the veils of mind to set you free.'

[The birth of a king:]

I dropped my mask on to the ground of