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Breakin' Loose

It was the typical blues, it was more bad news

I was walkin' down a dirty street

Saw a man, I knew some years before

On the corner where the losers meet

He had rags on his back, as a mat...

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Back on the Track

Bad reputation, seems to be my style

I've been categorized as a little wild

The police took my photograph

A hunted boy runnin' from his past

Some even called me the devil's child

At ...

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Back Door Stranger

Take my chances, rather go to jail

Than see the eyes of a coward runnin' loose and well

He don't care, he couldn't give a damn

Deprived of his victim, he's a ruthless man

He waits in the...

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Caught Up In You

I never knew there'd come a day

When I'd be sayin' to you

"Don't let this good love slip away

Now that we know that it's true."

Don't, don't you know the kind of man I am

No, said I'd...

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Chain Lightnin'

On a rainy night, you showed up at my door

Child of the night, down and forlorn

Still I took you in, it's in the stars above

All girls are made the same, they all need a little love


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You know I've seen plenty like you

Trouble ain't enough

Runnin' your mouth, there ain't no doubt

Thought you were pretty tough

I remember all your dirty ways

You know my daddy didn't ...

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Gettin' loose at the corner joint

That's all we had to do

I said baby, when you cross that floor

I sense trouble in the room

And we were rough housin'

Seemed the thing to do

We we...

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Take 'Em Out

Wake up with a call, throw my luggage in the hall

Go down to the desk, pay for alcohol

Jump into a car, hope we make the plane in time

Smile for all the ladies as we're passin' through the...

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You Keep Runnin' Away

I hear your high-heels clickin' down the boulevard

You got your suitcase in hand, guess you're takin' it hard

You swear you'll never trust another man

Ah, but I know that you will, it's jus...

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Can't Keep a Good Man Down

Can't keep a good man down.

Well I thought I heard a telephone honey,

And I know it's the man you love.

A-don't try to hide it honey,

You can't keep a good man down too long.

All my l...

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After the Fire Is Gone

You never know what the moment means till it's finally gone

You burned so fast, you put out the flame, tell me, what went wrong?

How do you get back to the heat of yesterday?

How do you liv...

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Find My Way Back

I remember the last time we talked

How I listened but still did not hear

A fool thinks he's wise to it all

Even as love disappears

Now I'm down on my knees like a wounded man

I've ma...

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Fade to Blue

Faded curtain, faded moon, through a broken sky

Staring at a photograph, the ghost of you and I

Those were times, yeah, those were good times that we shared

We thought those nights would ne...

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Changed by Love

I have seen the full moon breakin'

From behind the raging storm

Saw a rainbow in the makin'

Watched my baby being born

But I never saw the seventh wonder

Watched a hawk turn to a dove...

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Deja Voodoo

Black lights, green eyes starin' me down

The moment I walked in the room

There's this tall, dark woman who's dancin' alone

And she makes me wanna howl at the moon.

Is this a dream, or is...

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What's It To Ya

I was feelin like a prisoner inside myself

I saw you

Lookin like you might be

In a mood to try anything that was new

Don't be starved for the love and laughter

Break through tota...

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Hot 'Lanta

It was a coal black night

I was standing on a pier

I was thinking of a time

When you were here

We were so in love

We were blind to the world

Through the innocent eyes

Of ...

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Comin' Down Tonight

Girl donжЉ° you run and hide

ItжЉЇ not youжЉ®e runnin?from

YouжЉіe built your walls so high

CanжЉ° see which side youжЉ®e on

Just give your heart some rope

Let love take over, let...

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Girl don't you run and hide

It's not you're runnin' from

You've built your walls so high

Can't see which side you're on

Just give your heart some rope

Let love take over, let me ...

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Rock And Roll Strategy

Since you been gone

I feel my life slipping away

I look to the sky

And everything is turnin' gray

All I made was one mistake

How much more will I have to pay

Why can't you th...

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Легкоатлетка Гунхильд Ларкинг на летних Олимпийских играх 1956 года в Мельбурне и Kейт Моcc, 1992 гoд


Легкоатлетка Гунхильд Ларкинг на летних Олимпийских играх 1956 года в Мельбурне. Часть рухнувшего скоростного шоссе Хансин после Великого хансинского землетрясения (или Землетрясение в Кобе). Moника ...

Аня Букштейн — израильская актриса, певица и модель и Вика Одинцова, 2010-ые


Эбби Кобб — американская актриса, получившая известность благодаря роли Эмили Бредфорд в сериале « Новое поколение». Аня Букштейн — израильская актриса, певица и модель. Наиболее известна исполнением ...

Кайли Миноуг, 1989 год и Принцесса Диана в день своей свадьбы с принцем Чарльзом, 29 июля 1981 года.


1947. США. Американская актриса Анджела Лэнсбери в молодости. Кайли Миноуг, 1989 год. Джейн Фонда и Ален Делон во время съемок фильма «Хищники» на Французской Ривьере, 1963 год. Катастрофа дирижабля «...

Джиллиан Андерсон для журнала Interview Magazine, 2020 год и Курт Кобейн протестует против дискриминации женских музыкальных коллективов


Джиллиан Андерсон для журнала Interview Magazine, 2020 год. Хеди Скотт - бельгийско-американская модель и актриса. Playboy Playmate июня 1965 г. Курт Кобейн протестует против дискриминации женских муз...