Back Where I Belong
[LL Cool J Talking]

Yo, yea, aight after this particular practice run

I'ma practice both verses, after this, I want you to find a spot

That's close to when the beat drops to the rewind point, locate point

You ain't gotta be on that all night, this the soundtrack

Yo, Yea, Check it

ok, alright, huh ok

[Verse 1]

The other night I was up at Farmers, politican wit some bloods

They told me "yo L, in the streets you aint gettin no Love

And Ever since the X's and the Jiggas came out

my niggas aint tryin to the hear that smooth shit you talk about

What's Up wit that cat Canibus, some played you out

Why you didn't answer back correctly, fuck was that about?"

as I sip on some henny, and try to explain some things

about the life of a legend, and all the Drama it brings

been gone a long time, had a lot of shit on my mind

I decided I don't want to reach my goal if it means losing my shine

Streets is Hip-hop and I'm Hip-Hop, so the streets is Mine

Ballin' as long as you been livin', that's a long time

Hard to Stay hungry when your pockets are so fat

You hit a hot one in every city on the map

And niggas keep sleepin' and you keep coming back

You know better than the gat, but niggas still wanna clap

[Chorus-2x][Ja Rule]

It feels so good to be back Where I Belong

The Streets is Where I Belong

They Had me locked down much too long

Hey Hey

[Verse 2]

Some Say "L that's cool, but see times have changed"

Niggas got red bandanas, and the grill in the range

That gold shit is dead, niggas rock platinum chains

Trade O.E. for Henny, Colt 45 for champagne

Hustling niggas found they way into the game

Extorting all these so called ballers wi