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ride the train and it takes me back

to the days when Frankston was our line

I used to live for getting up man

killing trains just to kill the fucking time

don't get me ...

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28 Days

Right, thats all it is right

Two eight days in the mother fucking house

you know you get fresh within the stomach without

its like D.O.P. and my name is Jay

but you...

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A General


i saw your true face


a language of your reaction

and thank-you for returning my faith in what i believed in

it nearly went in vain


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Ball Of Hate

inside you is you heart

as also is a ball of hatred

you struggle within

dont let that hatred swallow you whole

cause darkness is all you see

you use it as a foundati...

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Deadly Like

And It's like bam

cause the beat is so fresh

it's like i'm rippin apart the rest

but they try never the less

it's like everybody wants a piece

of the big apple pie

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Do Our Part

all I fucking do is complain

me and the rest of the scene

that's what's wrong with us

whinging does nothing

when did we become so clean

I'm really over this

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Early Mornings

Lets Go!

Early mornings make me angry

And routine takes away the very essence of the day

But when reflection shows a need for the latter then it matters

So ...

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Eats Away

i cant stand

the taste of defeat

just like any man

but i know i'll loose more sleep

if i waste another chance

for nothing more than the fear of the unknown


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Empty One

fight, waste your time argue

I'll be, yeah that's good enough for me

labels, struggle for your pigeon hole

grabbing with both hands

snob, but you think your cool as fuck

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why do we bother sometimes

why not give this shit up

we're meant to be friends but we

can't let our guard down for too long

now we can't.

we value our friendship so ...

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Thought I left you all behind

put you all out of my mind

thought I made it clear that

I just didn't want to be near you again

you could never be classed as a friend


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I Remember

One time i remember

i remember when you used to think

that you were much better

now you smoke and now you drink

You lost it your legal

taking pills and you c...

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Information Overload

Too many messages multi media sponge

too many to address i guess

you could say i'm out lunch

television tells me what to think

i don't even realise i know nothing

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January to the one

January to the nine

I swear I've found my piece of mind

Can you let me tell you the rest of your life?

That you can be anythi...

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Just To Make You Happy

i can not hang on to this bullshit forever

can you?

if you can that's up to you

we are so foolish all this coolness can be fickle

lacking in information and i'm qui...

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Kid Indestructible

my style yeh i like to party down on a

thursday night and you know we do it right

mad wild going crazy with the crew yeh

we do what we want to and you know

when i hit the s...

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Kill The Fake Seshoo

a puppet on a string

what do you bring, nothin

everybodies looking for a quick buck

and buffin the dick of the powers that be

not 28d, conplacency is not my style


43 песни

Kill The Fake (Seshoo)(feat. Uzumaki

puppet on a string

what do you bring, nothin

everybodies looking for a quick buck

and vbuffin the dick of the powers that be

not 28D, conplacency is not my style


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Know The Score

Turned on the tv screen and what did i see

a video fuckin collage of our atrocities

turtles getting cut open by the poachers

knife how can i just look at that and not


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you want so much for everyone

to like you for who you really are

but you care about it so much

you won't be yourself

cause I know you feel so much better

than that a...

43 песни

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