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Who's Fuckin' Who

Verse 1: [brother marquis]
The surgeon general says wear a condom
But you can catch aids nowadays from slobbin',
Gynecology, and urology
IfI'm positive, too late for an apology
Take extreme mea...

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Bill So Horny

[sampled words]:
What'll we get for ten dollars?
Every t'ing you want.
Every t'ing
Yes, bill?
Monica, what would you do for a job here at th...

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Pretty Woman

Verse 1: [luke]
Pretty woman, walking down the street,
Pretty woman, girl, girl you look so sweet,
Pretty woman, you, you bring me down to that knee,
Pretty woman, you make me wanna beg please,

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Baby Baby Please

(mixx scratches the line from s & m)

Verse 1: [brother marquis]
I thought I was fuckin' until I got turned out
When the bitch said, marquis, can you stick your dick in my mouth?
That experien...

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2 Live is Here

Juvenile voice:
I love my music, my nasty music, it makes me happy, when I am sad,
You don't know how, how much I love it, please don't take my 2 live away...

Clay d:
Yo-o-o-o-o-o, let's go! (...

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2 Live Party

Do you wanna have a, party
2 live is throwin' another, party
Funkin' ab shakin', party
Ten thousand motherfuckers at the, party
We're going to see ya at the, party
Another motherfuckin' 2...

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The Real One

Verse 1: [brother marquis]
Only the realest can feel us, cap-peelers and killers
Hundred-dollar billers and real niggas
Bitches with dime figures, telekenesis in my mind
Make my diamonds shine, ...

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Dirty Nursery Rhymes

[brother marquis]
My mama and your mama was talking little shit
My mama called your mama a bulldagging ass bitch
I know your sister, and the bitch ain't shit
She slayed me and all the boys
And ...

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Me So Horny

What'll we get for ten dollars?
Every 'ting you want
Ooh! don't do that, baby! ahh!
Hold on this! oh, sock it to me! aaahh!

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Hoochie Mama

[intro]: [mr. mixx]
Big booty hoes -- up wit it!
Hoochie mamas -- up wit it!
Let me see ya touch the ground!

Verse 1: [brother marquis]
I don't know my reputation
But all the niggas in the h...

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Hangin' Out

It's not the way to do it!
Shut up bitch!
Yeahhhhh boyyyyy!
You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge.
This is serious business.
Come by boy!

Verse 1...

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Yakety Yak

(mixx scratches yakety yak)

[brother marquis]:
When you're told to do something by your mom and dad
Don't frown in their face or get mad
Because as long as you're livin' under their roof
You ...

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We Want Some Pussy

Chorus(4x): luke
Somebody say hey-y-y-y-y we want some pu-u-ussay-y-y!
(hey-y-y-y-y we want some pu-u-ussay-y-y!)

Verse 1: brother marquis
You see, me and my homies like to play this game
We ...

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Pop That Pussy

Look at the asson that bitch!
Look at the titties!

(mixx scratches aw hit me! and hold your legs up on easy.)

Verse 1: [fresh kid ice]

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The Fuck Shop

I know a place just down there two streets.
Baby, they'll ask you no questions and give you clean sheets!

(gong noise)

[luke]:welcome to the fuck sho-o-o-op!

Verse 1: [fresh kid ice]

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Move Somethin'

(mixx cuts:
Drop yo' draws and open yo' legs up wide, bitch!)

Verse 1: brother marquis
I've been wanting to tell you this for a while
I like your fake blue eyes and your hoey style

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Savage in The Sack

Yeah, bitch. I know you used to clown and talk shit in high school
When we was fuckin' around ...
'cause I couldn't fuck. but now i'mback, bitch!
To let yo' punk ass know that I can ...

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Shake a Lil' Somethin'

Ok man, are you ready to go?
I'm ready to go, now c'mon now, crank this motherfucker up
[mr. mixx]
Yeah, it's ya boys back in the house!
We want y'all to get y'asson the motherfuckin' dance flo...

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When We Get Them Hoes

Yeahhhhhhh, ba-byyyy!!
It's the boys, we gon' do it like this, one time for ya mind!
All the boys in the house ... y'knahmsayin!
Repeat after me, yo - say, hey! we got them hoes! we got them hoes...

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Be My Private Dancer

Hey y'all motherfuckers out there, whassup?
You know your boys are back,
Fresh kid ice, brother marquee and mr. mixx.
They droppin' some new shit;
And ain't about all that bullshit y'al...

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Легкоатлетка Гунхильд Ларкинг на летних Олимпийских играх 1956 года в Мельбурне и Kейт Моcc, 1992 гoд


Легкоатлетка Гунхильд Ларкинг на летних Олимпийских играх 1956 года в Мельбурне. Часть рухнувшего скоростного шоссе Хансин после Великого хансинского землетрясения (или Землетрясение в Кобе). Moника ...

Аня Букштейн — израильская актриса, певица и модель и Вика Одинцова, 2010-ые


Эбби Кобб — американская актриса, получившая известность благодаря роли Эмили Бредфорд в сериале « Новое поколение». Аня Букштейн — израильская актриса, певица и модель. Наиболее известна исполнением ...

Кайли Миноуг, 1989 год и Принцесса Диана в день своей свадьбы с принцем Чарльзом, 29 июля 1981 года.


1947. США. Американская актриса Анджела Лэнсбери в молодости. Кайли Миноуг, 1989 год. Джейн Фонда и Ален Делон во время съемок фильма «Хищники» на Французской Ривьере, 1963 год. Катастрофа дирижабля «...

Джиллиан Андерсон для журнала Interview Magazine, 2020 год и Курт Кобейн протестует против дискриминации женских музыкальных коллективов


Джиллиан Андерсон для журнала Interview Magazine, 2020 год. Хеди Скотт - бельгийско-американская модель и актриса. Playboy Playmate июня 1965 г. Курт Кобейн протестует против дискриминации женских муз...