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We have not an hour of life in...

We have not an hour of life in which our pleasures relish not some pain, our sours, some sweetness.

Philip Massinger 78 quotes

0 summer friendship, whose fla...

0 summer friendship, whose flat-tering leaves shadowed us in our prosperity, With the least gust, drop off in the autumn of adversity.

Philip Massinger 78 quotes

Ill news are swallow-winged, b...

Ill news are swallow-winged, but what is good walks on crutches.

Philip Massinger 78 quotes

Virtue, thou in rags, may chal...

Virtue, thou in rags, may challenge more than vice set off with all the trim of greatness.

Philip Massinger 78 quotes

For any man to match above his...

For any man to match above his rank is but to sell his liberty.

Philip Massinger 78 quotes

He is not valiant that dares l...

He is not valiant that dares lie; but he that boldly bears calamity.

Philip Massinger 78 quotes

Quiet night, that brings

Quiet night, that brings
Best to the labourer, is the outlaw's day,
In which he rises early to do wrong,
And when his work is ended dares not sleep.

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The sum of all that makes a ju...

The sum of all that makes a just man happy
Consists in the well choosing of his wife:
And there, well to discharge it, does require
Equality of years, of birth, of fortune;
For beauty being poor, and not cried up
By birth or wealth, can truly mix with neither.
And wealth, when there's such difference in years,
And fair descent, must make the yoke uneasy.

Philip Massinger 78 quotes

Honour is
Virtue's allowe...

Honour is
Virtue's allowed ascent: honour that clasps
All perfect justice in her arms; that craves
No more respect than that she gives; that does
Nothing but what she'll suffer.

Philip Massinger 78 quotes

The soul is strong that trusts...

The soul is strong that trusts in goodness.

Philip Massinger 78 quotes

We end our pilgrim...

We end our pilgrimage, 'tis fit that we
Should leave corruption, and foul sin, behind us,
But with wash'd feet and hands, the heathens dar' not
Enter their profane temples; and for me
To hope my passage to eternity
Can be made easy, till I have shook off
The burthen of my sins in free confession,
Aided with sorrow, and repentance for them,
Is against reason.

Philip Massinger 78 quotes

How sweetly sounds the voice o...

How sweetly sounds the voice of a good woman! It is so seldom heard that, when it speaks,it ravishes all senses.

Philip Massinger 78 quotes

Cheerful looks make every dish...

Cheerful looks make every dish a feast, and it is that which crowns a welcome.

Philip Massinger 78 quotes

Without good company all daint...

Without good company all dainties
Lose their true relish, and like painted grapes,
Are only seen, not tasted.

Philip Massinger 78 quotes

Conscience and wealth are not ...

Conscience and wealth are not always neighbors.

Philip Massinger 78 quotes

Black detraction will find fau...

Black detraction will find faults where they are not.

Philip Massinger 78 quotes

Detraction's a bold monster, a...

Detraction's a bold monster, and fears not
To wound the fame of princes, if it find
But any blemish in their lives to work on.

Philip Massinger 78 quotes

One grain of incense with devo...

One grain of incense with devotion offer'd
'S beyond all perfumes of Sabaean spices.

Philip Massinger 78 quotes

It is true fortitude to stand ...

It is true fortitude to stand firm against
All shocks of fate, when cowards faint and die
In fear to suffer more calamity.

Philip Massinger 78 quotes

Gold--the picklock that never ...

Gold--the picklock that never fails.

Philip Massinger 78 quotes

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