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Vladimir Churov quotes

The real figure of physical turnout, for example, in the presidential elections in the United States of America is about a little more than 20%. They are still very far from our activity.

Владимир Чуров 3 Quotes

Vladimir Churov quotes

I do not tolerate when some operations are carried out from abroad in the form of provocations. Now it is already known for certain that the erroneous picture on one of the central TV channels about 146% was prepared and launched by a person who subsequently got a good place overseas.

Владимир Чуров 3 Quotes

Douglas Abbott Macgregor quotes

The largest problem of all is really a network of people like George Soros, who are committed Marxists, who see the destruction of the United States and of Western Europe as a means to an end of creating what United States think will be this global society and the planet.

Дуглас Эбботт Макгрегор 3 Quotes

Roman Kostomarov quotes

For Russia, for peace, for Ukrainians who are for peace! But for so long to endure Western influence on the whole situation around the world, and now with Ukraine in their own interests, this is a utopia!
Russia - could not stand it! Russia has never touched or attacked anyone! For peace!

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Victoria Nuland quotes

We expect Serbian authorities to bring to justice all individuals at all levels who are responsible for their deaths without further delay. This also remains a high priority on our bilateral agenda with Serbia.

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