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Игорь Левит


Igor Levit

Фотография Игорь Левит (photo Igor Levit)

День рождения: 18.10.1971 года
Возраст: 46 лет

Quotes of Igor Levit

Генеральный директор Группа ЛСР

  • ⋅When you have humor, you have a base for collaboration. It is very important. /Igor Levit
  • ⋅When I play, what I see are people who mean something to me, both positively and negatively. It's my private life, in a way, what I see, and this is what I share. /Igor Levit
  • ⋅The most unique thing about music making is sharing. /Igor Levit
  • ⋅You never know what you're going to share. I can play, I know what is written - the marks, the things the composer tells me to do - and I do it, but it will still sound different each day. /Igor Levit
  • ⋅I always talk about the hierarchy of art, and I always put music on the top of everything, because it's so immaterial. /Igor Levit
  • ⋅I think after music is performance because it is also an immaterial form of art, and then there's everything else. /Igor Levit
  • ⋅I have one guy that I really have to talk to once a day, and if I don't talk to him once a day, I really feel like something is not completed. This is, like, an attraction story. /Igor Levit
  • ⋅I'm not good at texting because I'm an older generation, old school. And nobody ever listens to the answering machine anymore. It's terrible. /Igor Levit
  • ⋅I'm much better at saying something on the answering machine than texting. /Igor Levit
  • ⋅People can text with two hands and are so fast and I am not... I just have that one person I want to talk to. /Igor Levit
  • ⋅There are no musically untalented people. /Igor Levit
  • ⋅Musical talent is maybe something, but there are no unmusical people. You're moved by music. It's total rubbish to say, "Oh, I'm unmusical." It doesn't exist; it's ridiculous. /Igor Levit
  • ⋅If an artist tells you "this is an oak tree," then it better be an oak tree. It's how you proclaim things; if you say "the silence is the music," then it's the music. /Igor Levit
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