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Раджат Гупта


Rajat Gupta

Фотография Раджат Гупта (photo Rajat Gupta)

День рождения: 02.02.1948 года
Возраст: 70 лет
Место рождения: Колката, Индия

Quotes of Rajat Gupta

Индийско-американский бизнесмен

  • ⋅The Satyam case was different from Rajat Gupta’s. In that, Ramalinga Raju had actually confessed his guilt, didn’t he? /Rajat Gupta
  • ⋅Rajat Gupta has been made an example of. In the US, people are reeling under the financial collapse and though Rajat is neither a Wall Street guy nor a banker, he’s taking the fall for them. /Rajat Gupta
  • ⋅Rajat Gupta was in the seventh decade of an accomplished and praiseworthy life. It strains common sense that [he] would ...throw away everything he had done for 40 years, and wilfully and knowingly commit crimes. That just doesn’t make sense. /Rajat Gupta
  • ⋅John Edwards, the first runner up, is white. Two prominent contestants of color, Rajat Gupta and Raj Rajaratnam, did not even make the finals. /Rajat Gupta
  • ⋅Alnoor Ebrahim, 57, a U.S. citizen born in Tanzania, is the latest person to plead guilty in the U.S. government’s crackdown on insider trading, which claimed its biggest target to date on Friday – former Goldman Sachs Group Inc board member Rajat Gupta. /Rajat Gupta
  • ⋅Weak boards have allowed unscrupulous executives to enrich themselves at the expense of employees and shareholders. /Rajat Gupta
  • ⋅Rajat Gupta’s conviction for insider trading may have reinforced the strictness of US laws, but back home ask any broker, dealer, analyst, securities lawyer or even someone in the stock market regulator—and everyone will accept that it is not only rampant on Dalal Street but also interlinked with stock trading ... Insider trading still flourishes on Dalal Street. /Rajat Gupta
  • ⋅Rajat Gupta’s case is like a Greek tragedy: heroic character with a fatal flaw. It’s not about racism, it’s about greed. /Rajat Gupta
  • ⋅Raj Rajaratnam was a very manipulative man, and he made it easy for Rajat Gupta to share this information ... For Raj and Galleon, this was normal operating procedure. /Rajat Gupta
  • ⋅I wouldn’t say he was an unwilling participant, or that greed wasn’t a part of this ... But I am saying that Rajaratnam made it easy for Rajat Gupta to break the law /Rajat Gupta
  • ⋅Rajat Gupta, the consummate corporate insider and former director at Goldman Sachs, was found guilty of insider trading on Friday. /Rajat Gupta
  • ⋅He manipulated Rajat Gupta and Mr. Kumar ... What happened to him almost imitated what happened to Gupta. You can see him playing one off the other. /Rajat Gupta
  • ⋅Rajat Gupta once stood at the apex of the international business community. Today, he stands convicted of securities fraud. He achieved remarkable success and stature, but he threw it all away. /Rajat Gupta
  • ⋅Rajat Gupta was there from the start, and for the next decade played a leading role in guiding the Global Fund to its position as the world’s largest and most innovative multinational health funder. /Rajat Gupta
  • ⋅Rajat Gupta, who reached the pinnacle of corporate America as managing partner of McKinsey & Co. and was a director at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Procter & Gamble, was convicted by a federal jury of leaking inside information to hedge-fund manager Raj Rajaratnam. /Rajat Gupta
  • ⋅FOLLOWING nearly a month of testimony and lengthy instruction by Judge Jed Rakoff, eight women and four men filed out of the 14th floor courtroom of a lower Manhattan courthouse on the morning of June 14th to begin deliberating six charges tied to insider trading against Rajat Gupta, a man who stood at the centre of the business world. /Rajat Gupta
  • ⋅You need real evidence, not speculation and guesswork ... Rajat Gupta never did any insider trading. /Rajat Gupta
  • ⋅He was upset ... He was stressed, running his hand through his hair, and he is usually a very calm and collected person. /Rajat Gupta
  • ⋅There was a secret world of Raj Rajaratnam that was unknown to Rajat Gupta. /Rajat Gupta
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