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Энтони Скарамуччи


Anthony Scaramucci

Фотография Энтони Скарамуччи (photo Anthony Scaramucci)

День рождения: 06.01.1964 года
Возраст: 54 года
Место рождения: Лонг-Айленд, Нью-Йорк, США

Quotes of Anthony Scaramucci

Американский финансист, писатель и предприниматель. Более всего известен как основатель и один из руководителей инвестиционной компании 'SkyBridge Capital'.

  • ⋅Every industry, there are rogues and bad actors. There could be rogues and bad actors in journalism. Rogues and bad actors in medicine. Rogues and bad actors in the legal community. /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅A lot of people don't understand how a lot of money is being made. There's a combination of fear related to that, envy, distrust that gets filtered into that. /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅I don't think I need to be an apologist for working hard and being a very large taxpayer. /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅I'm not a typical Republican. I am a Republican, I wear the Republican jersey, I've been a Republican my whole life. My dad was a Republican, which is interesting because he was in a union early on. The Republican party was very strong in the area that I grew up in. So I'm a loyalist. /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅I'm not a sociologist, I'm not a political scientist, but I'm a fairly intuitive person. /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅You don't want the United States to become South America, where you have a super collection of rich people at the tippy-top of society, they are surrounded by barbed wire living in McMansions with security guards, and the rest of the society is suffering, and you've got a broken educational system and a broken government. /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅I'm more of an empiricist. I'm focused on right or wrong, as opposed to left or right. /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅The great irony of executive compensation is, if you pay your employees more, you're gonna create more demand for your goods and services! Which is gonna lead to more executive compensation than if you pay your employees less and try to take all the cream off of the top. /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅A lot of unpredictable things happened in the Republican party, but I think the notion that we're gonna demonize Donald Trump or we're gonna mischaracterize him is completely unfair. /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅When you strip the bark off of Donald Trump, I think he's a very practical person. I think he's a very smart person. He's got an analytical mind. I think he's tapped into something. His son said he's the "blue collar billionaire." /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅In general, I think what Donald Trump's message is, is: I'm a very practical, execution-oriented entrepreneur who built a successful business. I've demonstrated an ability to go global with my business. I can get along with a lot of different people. There are certain problems in the United States right now born from faulty policy. So what is happening right now is the lower and middle class are being left behind by the globalization and by the global elite. I think that's basically his message, and Bernie Sanders' is /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅I think self-esteem comes from work. /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅I think what Donald Trump is saying to people is that America has way more leverage at the negotiating table than America has used in the past. And whether you like it or not, the government and trade representatives have made the decision not to use that leverage. And it has had an economic impact on the lower and middle class. /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅There's symbolism in politics. There's communication in politics. And I think what Donald Trump is saying is, give me the job, and when I get to that job I will figure it out. /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅You get growth in the United States, the rest of the world will grow... /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅What I know is that if you put the right policies in place that will lead to economic growth, society will be better. /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅Let me give you really bad news, and I'm sure people will demonize me for saying this: the rich are always gonna be with us. They will always be with us. There are rich people in Cuba. There are rich people in Venezuela. You pick the policies, and the rich are gonna figure it out. They're always gonna be rich. /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅What has worked for America is not caring about how the rich are doing, or the politics of envy. What's worked for America is growth. Growth is the reason why I had a very nice middle class upbringing with parents who never went to college. /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅You know why I got involved in politics? The government is now a majority partner in my life. I am now a minority partner in my own life. /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅You lower the [tax] rate, you will motivate and incentivize more people to put more capital at risk to create more jobs... /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅Left-leaning policies - I'm 52 years old, I've been to Cuba, I've been to dysfunctional state oriented places - left-leaning policies fail the lower and middle classes. /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅Ed Koch had the best line: if you agree with me nine out of twelve times, you should vote for me. If you agree with me twelve out of twelve times, you should find a psychiatrist. /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅You're never gonna find the perfect politician. /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅Donald Trump is a way better leader than Hillary Clinton. /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅Donald Trump has built a super successful business. He's an effective organizer. He's an effective execution-oriented executive. He has the right political personality to get on with people in a way that'll surprise people. He will cut deals in a way that are more favorable for America than what establishment politicians have done. /Anthony Scaramucci
  • ⋅You're giving me two choices, and I'm choosing Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. I would choose Jesus over Donald Trump, probably. But you're just giving me two choices. /Anthony Scaramucci
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