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Джереми Кларксон


Jeremy Clarkson

Фотография Джереми Кларксон (photo Jeremy Clarkson)

День рождения: 11.04.1960 года
Возраст: 58 лет
Место рождения: Донкастер, Южный Йоркшир, Великобритания

Quotes of Jeremy Clarkson

Британский телевизионный ведущий и журналист

  • ⋅If you're thinking of coming to America, this is what it's like: you've got your Comfort Inn, you've got your Best Western, and you've got your Red Lobster where you eat. Everybody's very fat, everybody's very stupid and everybody's very rude - it's not a holiday programme, it's the truth. /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅Speed focuses the mind. It cuts through the fog of drab everyday living and keeps us on our toes. Speed works. Speed saves lives. Speed is good. And we should have more of it, not less. /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅Ecologically speaking, a spilt tanker load is like sticking a safety pin into an elephant's foot. The planet barely notices. After the Exxon Valdez accident in Alaska the oil company spent billions tidying up the coastline, but it was a waste of money because the waves were cleaning up faster than Exxon could. Environmentalists can never accept the planet's ability to self-heal. /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅Because drug dealers shoot each other in London, Norfolk farmers can't have guns to defend their homes. I mean, no one wants a gun - except at 4am when they hear a strange sound in the kitchen. /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that's what gets you. /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅I started to realise that being impolite saves an awful lot of time and costs you nothing. /Jeremy Clarkson
  • Реклама:
  • ⋅You have city centre pubs where men go to meet girls, not realising that all girls in city centre pubs have thighs like tug boats and morals that would surprise a zoo animal. /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅The fact is that Britain is the most warlike nation on earth. In the history of armed combat, we are the only democracy to have declared war on another democracy - England versus Finland in the second world war, in case you're interested - and we're always at the front of the queue when Johnny Foreigner gets a bit uppity. Who stood up to the Kaiser? Who stood up to Adolf? And let's not forget the Argies. What other country would have sent its fleet halfway round the world and lost 250 men to protect a flock of sheep an /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅The "public" seems to have bought into this belief that life can, and should, be run without risk, that all accidents are avoidable, and that death is something that only happens to people who eat meat and smoke. /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅This car is more fun than the entire French air force crashing into a firework factory. /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅Why is the forecast so bland? Why instead of 'stormy' don't they just say the sea's 'a frothing maelstrom of terror and hopelessness'? /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅I therefore have to use The Force. And weirdly, this doesn't work very well. I don't understand why, because on the last census, I put my religion down as Jedi Knight... /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅Mix an anorexic body with a heart made of pure fire and you are going to go with a savagery that's hard to explain. /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅Koenigsegg are saying that the CCX is more comfortable. More comfortable than what BEING STABBED? /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅Then there’s the biggest problem of them all – the problem of being in an Audi TT when you are not called Angela. I do not know why it can be driven by only people named Angela, but that’s a fact and there’s nothing we can do about it. If you have a TT and you aren’t called Angela, you have the wrong car. /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅This is the Renault Espace, probably the best of the people carriers. Not that that's much to shout about. That's like saying “Ooh good I've got syphilis, the BEST of the sexually transmitted diseases.” /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅I don't understand bus lanes. Why do poor people have to get to places quicker than I do? /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅Now we get quite a lot of complaints that we don't feature enough affordable cars on the show so we'll kick off tonight with the cheapest Ferrari of them all! /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅I was reading The Mirror the other day and came across a letter from a reader who wrote, 'I was riding my bike to work when this red Ferrari pulled up next to me. Out of the window, Jeremy Clarkson shouted 'Get a car', and drove off.' What I actually said was, 'Get a car you hatchet faced, leaf-eating tw*t /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅It couldn't pull a greased
    stick out of a pig's bottom /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅I'm sorry, but having an Aston Martin DB9 on the drive and not driving it is a bit like having Keira Knightley in your bed and sleeping on the couch. /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅I don't often agree with the RSPCA as I believe it is an animal's duty to be on my plate at supper time. /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅Tonight, the new Viper, which is the American equivalent of a sportscar in the same way, I guess, that George Bush is the equivalent of a President. /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅I’d like to consider Ferrari as a scaled down version of God. /Jeremy Clarkson
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  • ⋅In the olden days I always got the impression that TVR built a car, put it on sale, and then found out how it handled. Usually when one of their customers wrote to the factory complaining about how dead he was. /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅My epiglottis is full of bees! /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅God may have created the world in six days, but while he was resting on the seventh, Beelzebub popped up and did this place. /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅Asking the front wheels of a car to do their normal job of steering while handling more than 170hp is like asking a man to wire a plug while juggling... penguins... while making love... to a beautiful woman while on fire, on stage... in front of the Queen. It's all going to go wrong. /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅Owning a TVR in the past was like owning a bear. I mean it was great, until it pulled your head off, which it would. /Jeremy Clarkson
  • ⋅The air conditioning in Lamborghinis used to be an asthmatic sitting in the dashboard blowing at you through a straw. /Jeremy Clarkson
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