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Юлиус Штрейхер


Julius Streicher

Фотография Юлиус Штрейхер (photo Julius Streicher)

День рождения: 12.02.1885 года
Возраст: 61 год
Место рождения: Флейнхаузен близ Аугсбурга, Бавария, Германия
Дата смерти: 16.10.1946 года
Место смерти: Нюрнберг, США

Quotes of Julius Streicher

Главный редактор антисемитской газеты «Штурмовик»

  • ⋅It is an open secret that Jews do not work, but rather let others work for them. /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅It was the same in World War I, when Woodrow Wilson, also a tool of the Jews, maneuvered it into the war. /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅My life's mission is to unmask the Jews. /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅When the Jews speak of humanity, they mean only the totality of Jews. /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅Ritual murder is referred to in court files which are located in Rome. There are pictures in it which show that in 23 cases, the Church itself has dealt with the question. /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅Seeking fortunes in America led to Germany losing people, and the American continent received many people whose contributions are particularly clear in the agricultural and technical fields. /Julius Streicher
  • Реклама:
  • ⋅To this day, I do not believe that five million were killed. I consider it technically impossible that could have happened. I do not believe it. I have not received proof of that up until now. /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅We handed the most important belongings of our people -- the railroads and the banks -- to aliens who 2000 years ago had turned the temple into a house of usury. Back then there was a man who had the bravery to drive out these scoundrels with a whip! If today a national socialist is seen with such a temple-whip, he's thrown into jail. /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅And further, I tell you that the Jew is right, when he acts as he does - because we are too timid to be as German as the Jew is Jewish! ... It happened at the time of the [Bavarian] Soviet Republic: When the unleashed subhumans rambled murdering through the streets, the deputies hid behind a chimney in the Bavarian parliament. /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅Social Democracy preached against capitalism for half a century. After the November revolution the Reds had the opportunity to direct capitalism into the proper paths: but nothing happened! /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅In Soviet-Russia the Jew is forging the tool with which he wants to enslave Europe. /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅You may baptize as long as you want, but the Jew remains a Jew, the Chinese a Chinese and the Negro a Negro. /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅You are blinded and you serve the God of the Jews, who is not the God of love but the God of hatred. Why don't you listen to Christ Himself, who said to the Jews: "Ye are of your father the devil! /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅When the Jew says "mankind" he is talking about himself. It is written in the Talmud, that only Jews were human beings, gentiles on the other hand were animals created to serve the chosen people. If looking back and comparing the corresponding articles in the "democratic" and "neutral" countries, one is astonished at the systematic nature of the propaganda whose final goal was the creation of a state of affairs in which a war was inevitable. /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅This is our mission at home, to approach these future decisions without hesitation, to do our duty and to remain strong. We know the enemy, we have called him by name for the last twenty years: he is the World Jew. And we know that the Jew must die. /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅Developments since the rise of National Socialism make it probable that the continent will be freed from its Jewish destroyers of people and exploiters forever, and the German example after the German victory in World War II will also serve to bring about the destruction of the Jewish world tormentors on other continents. /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅Christ was a Jew, and God, he is supposed to have made the universe. That's a little far-fetched because if God made the world, who made God? /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅I was all for setting up a separate Jewish state in Madagascar or Palestine or someplace, but not to exterminate them. Besides, by exterminating 4 million Jews - they say 5 or 6 million at this trial, but that is all propaganda, I am sure it wasn't more than 4.5 million - they have made martyrs out of those Jews. For example, because of the extermination of these Jews, anti-Semitism has been set back many years in certain foreign countries where it had been making good progress. /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅It is a trial within a nation but a trial of victors against the vanquished. Even before the trials started, the victors who are our judges were quite convinced that we were guilty and that we should all pay the price. /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅I remember reports that the American and English newspapers were very happy about the fact that so many were killed in Dresden. There are many instances of barbarity and cruelty on the part of the Allies which I could tell you. /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅It's perfectly understandable and proper for one to be anti-Semite, but to exterminate women and children is so extraordinary, it's hard to believe. No defendant here wanted that. /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅A people that does not protect its racial purity will perish! /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅There must be a punitive expedition against the Jews in Russia, a punitive expedition which will expect: death sentence and execution. Then the world will see the end of the Jews is also the end of Bolshevism. /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅The Jew is a devil in human form. It is fitting that he be exterminated root and branch. /Julius Streicher
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  • ⋅Who are the moneylenders? They are those who were driven out of the Temple by Christ Himself 2000 years ago. They are those who never work but live on fraud. /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅The Jew always lives from the blood of other peoples, he needs such murders and such sacrifices. The victory will be only entirely and finally achieved when the whole world is free of Jews. /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅The black shadow cares for itself, not for you. /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅As long as these blood brothers are our leaders, and as long as your party officials are Jewish lackeys, you will be no threat to the big money men. /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅Anti-Semitic publications have existed in Germany for centuries. A book I had, written by Dr. Martin Luther, was, for instance, confiscated. Dr. Martin Luther would very probably sit in my place in the defendants' dock today, if this book had been taken into consideration by the prosecution. /Julius Streicher
  • ⋅He who knows the truth and does not speak it is a miserable coward. /Julius Streicher
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