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Франц фон Папен


Franz von Papen

Фотография Франц фон Папен (photo Franz von Papen)

День рождения: 29.12.1879 года
Возраст: 89 лет
Место рождения: Верль, Вестфалия, Германия
Дата смерти: 02.05.1969 года
Место смерти: Оберзасбахе, Баден-Вюртемберг, Германия

Quotes of Franz von Papen

Немецкий политический деятель и дипломат.

  • ⋅Party domination and State leadership are concepts incompatible with one another. /Franz von Papen
  • ⋅Allow me to say how manly and humanly great of you I think this is. Your courageous and firm intervention have met with nothing but recognition throughout the entire world. I congratulate you for all you have given anew to the German nation by crushing the intended second revolution. /Franz von Papen
  • ⋅But Hitler didn't strive for the annihilation of the Jews - he stressed that fact in public life and in the newspapers. Hitler merely said at the beginning that Jewish influence was too great, that of all the lawyers in Berlin, eighty percent were Jewish. Hitler thought that a small percentage of the people, the Jews, should not be allowed to control the theater, cinema, radio, et cetera. /Franz von Papen
  • ⋅It is to be hoped that the leaders of this movement will place the nation above the party. /Franz von Papen
  • ⋅It is conceivable that a party might gain the majority in parliament and claims the government for itself. /Franz von Papen
  • ⋅Names and individuals are unimportant when Germany's final fate is at stake. /Franz von Papen
  • ⋅Party domination and State leadership are concepts incompatible with one another. /Franz von Papen
  • ⋅The essence of conservative ideology is its being anchored in the divine order of things. /Franz von Papen
  • ⋅The nation demands a movement which has written upon its banner the internal and external national freedom that it will act as if it were the spiritual, social and political conscience of the nation. /Franz von Papen
  • ⋅The hope in the hearts of millions of national socialists can be fulfilled only by an authoritarian government. /Franz von Papen
  • ⋅We decline the claim to power by parties which want to own their followers body and soul, and which want to put themselves over and above the whole nation. /Franz von Papen
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