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Вивиан Рединг


Viviane Reding

Фотография Вивиан Рединг (photo Viviane Reding)

День рождения: 27.04.1951 года
Возраст: 67 лет
Место рождения: Эш, Люксембург

Quotes of Viviane Reding

Люксембургский политик

  • ⋅It is high time that the E.U.'s internal market delivered substantially lower communications charges for consumers and business people traveling abroad. A mobile-phone customer should not be charged a higher tariff just because he -- or she -- is traveling abroad. /Viviane Reding
  • ⋅If the EU and its 25 member states make a clever use of all policy instruments, broadband for all Europeans is certainly not out of reach by 2010. /Viviane Reding
  • Реклама:
  • ⋅The principle of equal pay for equal work is written in the EU Treaties since 1957. It is high time that it is put in practice everywhere. /Viviane Reding
  • ⋅Our policy is to encourage investment and promote freedom for industry to innovate. /Viviane Reding
  • ⋅I expect Europe's top-level domain,. eu, to become similarly as important as dot-com. /Viviane Reding
  • ⋅It's unacceptable that consumers are punished on their telephone bill simply for crossing a border. /Viviane Reding
  • ⋅The decision on the right balance between competition and investment can no longer be solely a national issue. /Viviane Reding
  • ⋅If we use our policy instruments wisely with regard to broadband, we can do some very practical things to make 'growth and jobs' a reality in the less-developed and rural regions of Europe, too. /Viviane Reding
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