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Владислав Сурков


Vladislav Surkov

Фотография Владислав Сурков (photo Vladislav Surkov)

День рождения: 21.09.1964 года
Возраст: 53 года
Место рождения: село Солнцево, Липецкая, Россия

Quotes of Vladislav Surkov

Помощник Президента

  • ⋅There are some traditions of Russian invention. The left-hander, as is known, shod a flea. It is less well known that after he shod it, the flea stopped jumping. /Vladislav Surkov
  • ⋅New creative solutions are needed, and not a scientifically grounded justification for doing nothing and lying on the stove waiting for the recovery of the American economy. /Vladislav Surkov
  • ⋅There should be an average speed of democracy development. We are all different. Someone may not be in time. /Vladislav Surkov
  • ⋅We do not need to cry about the brain drain, but to adjust their imports. /Vladislav Surkov
  • ⋅I consider ... Putin is a man who was sent to Russia by fate and the Lord at a difficult time for her. /Vladislav Surkov
  • ⋅I'm too odious for a beautiful new world. /Vladislav Surkov
  • ⋅Democracy emerged exactly when technology arose, because democracy is a luxury. /Vladislav Surkov
  • ⋅I am proud of this and I think that this is a sort of such political "Oscar" from America in the nomination "The best male role of the second plan". /Vladislav Surkov
  • ⋅I was on Khodorkovsky's payroll myself for ten years. I'm biased because I respect him. /Vladislav Surkov
  • ⋅I believe that renunciation of the Soviet Union was an expression of the free will of the Russian people. /Vladislav Surkov
  • ⋅When the Soviet Union was dissolved, most of us didn't even have the feeling that the country was falling apart. We thought we would continue with our lives as in the past, but as good neighbors. /Vladislav Surkov
  • ⋅The West doesn't have to love us. In fact, we should ask ourselves more often why people are so suspicious of us. After all, the West isn't a charity organization. How have we been perceived for centuries? As a huge, warlike realm ruled by despots - first by the czars and then Bolsheviks. Why should anyone have loved us? If we want to be accepted, we have to do something in return. And it's an art that we have yet to master. /Vladislav Surkov
  • ⋅The main problem is that many support the United Russia Party without even agreeing with its ideology - or even having an ideology of their own. /Vladislav Surkov
  • ⋅Soviet-era nostalgia has strong support among the people. But not among the elite and, in my opinion, not with the president. We are not interested in keeping remnants of the communist era alive. /Vladislav Surkov
  • ⋅Parties can't be artificially assembled at the Kremlin. /Vladislav Surkov
  • ⋅As someone who grew up there, I say: The Chechen Republic must remain part of Russia. Everything else is negotiable. /Vladislav Surkov

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