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Даг Хаммаршельд


Dag Hammarskjold

Фотография Даг Хаммаршельд (photo Dag Hammarskjold)

День рождения: 29.07.1905 года
Возраст: 56 лет
Место рождения: Йёнчёпинге, Швеция
Дата смерти: 18.09.1961 года
Место смерти: Конго, Швеция

Quotes of Dag Hammarskjold

2-й генеральный секретарь ООН (1953-1961)

  • ⋅In the last analysis it is our conception of death which decides our answers to all the questions life puts to us. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅Praise those of your critics for whom nothing is up to standard. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅Life only demands from you the strength that you possess. Only one feat is possible; not to run away. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅If even dying is to be made a social function, then, grant me the favor of sneaking out on tiptoe without disturbing the party. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅Life yields only to the conqueror. Never accept what can be gained by giving in. You will be living off stolen goods, and your muscles will atrophy. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅We are not permitted to choose the frame of our destiny. But what we put into it is ours. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • Реклама:
  • ⋅Your body must become familiar with its death -- in all its possible forms and degrees -- as a self-evident, imminent, and emotionally neutral step on the way towards the goal you have found worthy of your life. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅Never look down to test the ground before taking your next step; only those who keep their eye fixed on the far horizon will find their right road. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅Every deed and every relationship is surrounded by an atmosphere of silence. Friendship needs no words -- it is solitude delivered from the anguish of loneliness. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅Fatigue dulls the pain, but awakes enticing thoughts of death. So! that is the way in which you are tempted to overcome your loneliness -- by making the ultimate escape from life. -- No! It may be that death is to be your ultimate gift to life: it must not be an act of treachery against it. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅Friendship needs no words... /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅Maturity: among other things, the unclouded happiness of the child at play, who takes it for granted that he is at one with his play-mates. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅A task becomes a duty from the moment you suspect it to be an essential part of that integrity which alone entitles a man to assume responsibility. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅What makes loneliness an anguish is not that I have no one to share my burden, but this: I have only my own burden to bear. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅Never for the sake of peace and quiet deny your convictions. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅The pursuit of peace and progress cannot end in a few years in either victory or defeat. The pursuit of peace and progress, with its trials and its errors, its successes and its setbacks, can never be relaxed and never abandoned. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅Your cravings as a human animal do not become a prayer just because it is God whom you ask to attend to them. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅Never measure the height of a mountain, until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅The myths have always condemned those who looked back. Condemned them, whatever the paradise may have been which they were leaving. Hence this shadow over each departure from your decision. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅The longest journey is the journey inwards. Of him who has chosen his destiny, Who has started upon his quest for the source of his being. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅Pray that your loneliness may spur you into finding something to live for, great enough to die for. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅The UN is not just a product of do-gooders. It is harshly real. The day will come when men will see the U.N. and what it means clearly. Everything will be all right -- you know when? When people, just people, stop thinking of the United Nations as a weird Picasso abstraction, and see it as a drawing they made themselves. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅The more faithfully you listen to the voices within you, the better you will hear what is sounding outside. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅Time goes by, reputation increases, ability declines. /Dag Hammarskjold
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  • ⋅It is playing safe that we create a world of utmost insecurity. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅It is more noble to give yourself completely to one individual than to labor diligently for the salvation of the masses. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅In our era, the road to holiness necessarily passes through the world of action. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅Constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation by a surgeon. /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅Destiny is something not be to desired and not to be avoided. a mystery not contrary to reason, for it implies that the world, and the course of human history, have meaning. Dag Hammarskjold /Dag Hammarskjold
  • ⋅Do not seek death. Death will find you. But seek the road which makes death a fulfillment. /Dag Hammarskjold
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