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Абдулла Гюль


Abdullah Gul

Фотография Абдулла Гюль (photo Abdullah Gul)

День рождения: 29.10.1950 года
Возраст: 67 лет
Место рождения: Кайсери, Турция

Quotes of Abdullah Gul

Президент Турции

  • ⋅Turkey is a sufficiently strong and secure country. Such incidents happen everywhere, in London, in Paris, everywhere, /Abdullah Gul
  • ⋅We've done our best, /Abdullah Gul
  • ⋅The goal of my visit was to help ensure the decision of the UN Security Council is applied quickly and completely, /Abdullah Gul
  • ⋅Turkey cannot move forward with such bans, /Abdullah Gul
  • ⋅Syria will continue cooperation with the international investigation committee to fulfill its mission in order to uncover the truth and not to use the investigation as a political tool, /Abdullah Gul
  • ⋅We are ready to provide every sort of help, /Abdullah Gul
  • ⋅[And that's what she did. En route home, Hughes singled out to reporters] a really interesting meeting ... a common man in Turkey. /Abdullah Gul
  • ⋅We have completed our mission to the EU, now we are on our way to the Balkans. Our ancestors went on horse back, we are going by plane. /Abdullah Gul
  • ⋅We have reached a historic point, /Abdullah Gul
  • ⋅The EU can make a contribution to the economy. /Abdullah Gul
  • ⋅Turkish-American relations are based on very strong foundations. Currently, we have a war in the region, which could not be prevented, unfortunately. We hope it is a short war ... with minimum casualties. /Abdullah Gul
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