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Рик Перри


Rick Perry

Фотография Рик Перри (photo Rick Perry)

День рождения: 04.03.1950 года
Возраст: 68 лет
Место рождения: Пэйнт-Крик штат Техас, США

Quotes of Rick Perry

Губернатор штата Техас

  • ⋅Democracy functions best when we have an active citizenry. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅Obamacare has got everyone on edge. I mean, small business - men and women or big business are sitting out there saying we have no idea what this is going to cost, but we know it's going to cost us and cost us a lot. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅We need to stop apologizing for celebrating life. We need to stop apologizing for wanting to protect an individual's right to build a business. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅Somebody has to tell the E.P.A. that we don't need you monkeying around and fiddling around and getting in our business with every kind of regulation you can dream up. You're doing nothing more than killing jobs. It's a cemetery for jobs at the E.P.A. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅I got all the respect in the world for the front-runners in this race, but ask yourself: If we replace a Democratic insider with a Republican insider, you think we're really going to change Washington, D.C.? You don't have to settle for Washington and Wall Street insiders who supported the Wall Street bailout and the Obamacare individual mandate. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅It is time to change our policy of appeasement toward the Palestinians, to strengthen our ties with the nation of Israel. /Rick Perry
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  • ⋅America needs jobs, smaller government, less spending and a president with the courage to offer more than yet another speech. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅And I think most people in this country want to see a president that's got the courage to say we're going to cut the tax burden, and reduce the regulatory climate, and we're going to get Americans working. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅Crucial to understanding federalism in modern day America is the concept of mobility, or 'the ability to vote with your feet.' If you don't support the death penalty and citizens packing a pistol - don't come to Texas. If you don't like medicinal marijuana and gay marriage, don't move to California. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅Reforming public education, cutting property taxes, fixing adult and child protective services and funding our budget can all occur when Democrats and Republicans engage in consensus and cooperation - not cynicism and combat. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅We know there is no such thing as freedom without the risk of failure. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅What I learned growing up on the farm was a way of life that was centered on hard work, and on faith and on thrift. Those values have stuck with me my whole life. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅I'm worried about that man or woman sitting around - the coffee table tonight or in their kitchen talking about how are we going to get to work. How are we going to have the dignity to take care of our family. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅The fact is there is forgiveness for those who seek God. And I believe in the power of redemption. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅The liberals think government exists to fix what's wrong with America. They find fault with our Constitution, our economic model and our core values. We disagree with the premise of their argument. We believe there's nothing wrong with America that an extra dose of freedom won't cure. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅But it wasn't until I graduated from Texas A & M University and joined the United States Air Force, flying C-130's all around the globe, that I truly appreciated the blessings of freedom. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅Here is what we know after more than a decade of Republican rule: Texas works. Even 'The New York Times' let it slip into its pages that, 'Texas is the future.' /Rick Perry
  • ⋅Our work is before us. It cannot be passed to future legislatures and must not be passed to future generations. May we boldly seize the moment with singular unity. And may we build a Texas of unlimited possibility. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅The foundation for future prosperity is built on the bedrock of good jobs and great schools. We are building a strong foundation one job at a time and one educated Texan at a time. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅The God we serve does not seek out the perfect, but instead uses our imperfections and our shortcomings for his greater good. I am humbled by my own limitations. But where I am weak, He is strong. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅As Americans, we don't see the role of government as guaranteeing outcomes, but allowing free men and women to flourish based on their own vision, their hard work and their personal responsibility. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅In the rush to become all things to all people, the federal government has lost sight of its core responsibilities. As a result we're stuck in this frustrating paradox where Washington actually neglects things it's clearly supposed to be doing, while interfering in other areas where they are neither welcome nor authorized. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅Our citizens are tired of big government raising their taxes and cooking up new ways to micromanage their lives, our citizens are tired of big government killing jobs with their do-gooder policies. In short the people are Fed Up! /Rick Perry
  • ⋅Conservatives are winning offices, and champions of big government are cleaning out their desks right now. /Rick Perry
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  • ⋅America's greatness is not found in the size of its government. America's greatness resides in the hearts and the minds of the people. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅In Michigan, a liberal democrat raised taxes and kept their government programs at the same level. And guess what? Their economy continued into the toilet, it continued down. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅This administration in Washington that's in power now clearly believes that government is not only the answer to every need, but it's the most qualified to make the most central decisions for every American in every area. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅Our goal is to displace the entrenched powers in Washington, restore the rightful balance between the state and federal government. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅When the good lord calls you home, the government ought not come get your home. /Rick Perry
  • ⋅President Obama's call for nearly a half-trillion dollars in more government stimulus when America has more than $14 trillion in debt is guided by his mistaken belief that we can spend our way to prosperity. /Rick Perry
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