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Жером Кервьель


Jerome Kerviel

Фотография Жером Кервьель (photo Jerome Kerviel)

День рождения: 11.01.1977 года
Возраст: 41 год

Quotes of Jerome Kerviel

Трейдер французского банка "Societe Generale"

  • ⋅I only wanted to be a good employee who generated as much profit as possible for his employer. I was merely a small cog in the machine - and now I'm suddenly supposedly the main person responsible for the financial crisis. /Jerome Kerviel
  • ⋅I only want the truth to be known, for everyone to take responsibility for their actions. /Jerome Kerviel
  • Реклама:
  • ⋅My only goal was to make the largest profit possible for my employer. I was caught in a spiral that - with the support of my bosses - continued to lead up and up. /Jerome Kerviel
  • ⋅Nobody knows everything that's hidden in the balance sheets of banks. In fact, they are completely impenetrable. /Jerome Kerviel
  • ⋅I only know one thing: Everything I learned about the banking business, I learned in the banking towers of the Societe. /Jerome Kerviel
  • ⋅My aim was to make money for the bank. You lose track of the amounts involved when you are engaged in this kind of work. /Jerome Kerviel
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