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Гус Хиддинк


Gus Hiddink

Фотография Гус Хиддинк (photo Gus Hiddink)

День рождения: 08.11.1946 года
Возраст: 71 год
Место рождения: Варссефельд, Нидерланды

Quotes of Gus Hiddink

главный тренер национальной сборной Голландии по футболу

  • ⋅At times, they were complaining that we were working too hard. But I think it was worth it. /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅It was a huge challenge because we had not that much time to prepare. /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅That list is already in my mind. /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅But it depends also on the development of the game when we have substituted three players maybe who are on that first five, then we have to have our alternatives as well. /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅I don't know if they will want to attack /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅We just have to see what damage is done physically, ... but mentally I'm very proud of the boys. I have a long flight to think what we can do tactically. It's in our hands, but I expect Uruguay to come to Sydney to defend - and they are a team which knows how to defend. /Gus Hiddink
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  • ⋅We (the coaching staff) make the decision - I'd like to talk to my group of technical people and we make the in-principle decision, /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅We have picked a squad that is flexible and will be able to adapt /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅I've now had the opportunity to work with this group of players a few times and we continue to make improvements /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅A lot of preparation has been done. We are under no illusions about the task ahead of us. As fifth-placed finisher in South America, Uruguay are a powerhouse in world football /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅Everyone has to be on top of their game for these kind of matches and that was something we missed today. The only positive thing about today is the draw in the other match so it is still close in the group /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅The problem tonight was finishing off. I'm proud of the boys, the way they played against a team with a budget five times bigger than us. But I always like to get a result. It's not easy to get six chances against Milan in this stadium, which we did. /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅First we have to rest but there is nothing against celebrating. Our victory is the first in [Korea's] football history. We'll celebrate in a normal way. Once we've done that, as soon as possible, we'll prepare for the next game. /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅He will not be fit to play a full game. /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅He will be doubtful until the last hour before the game will start /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅We didn't play enough of the ball in the first half although we managed to get some corners /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅We came here also to try and score, and not just to defend. In the second half we wanted to score another goal, and Beasley came up with it. That proved fatal for Monaco, but it was a great result for us. We must be the team with the smallest budget of all the qualified teams /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅Robert is on his way, but we need more time and patience /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅We can be proud of the boys -- what they did. /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅In Korea it worked out because the players were aware of what they were supposed to do, but still it is in their hands. /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅First, I can understand the emotions just after a game but second I think it's always good to look in the mirror... when you are a big team, you must punish a little team. /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅They are experiencing something they couldn't believe, something the experts couldn't believe /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅The time together and the match will be crucial for us. It is vital that we continue to improve as we build to November. /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅We deserved this win but we should have scored more than one goal.” /Gus Hiddink
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  • ⋅Despite all the pressure we only gave away two chances and I have to give my team the compliments for the way they achieved this result. /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅We have several players that have been out injured and are in the process of their rehabilitation. We are bringing them in as well so we can check on their progress /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅I'm satisfied with this result against a team with physical and tactical strength.....we have had more worse starts in the Champions League. /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅When you are able to do that as a 19-year-old you have everything to develop further to become a good player. /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅We played tactically very well in the first half, despite all our problems /Gus Hiddink
  • ⋅We settled down and scored some quality goals, but, yes, it was an easy game ... as we expected. /Gus Hiddink
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