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Фабио Капелло


Fabio Capello

Фотография Фабио Капелло (photo Fabio Capello)

День рождения: 18.06.1946 года
Возраст: 71 год
Место рождения: Пьерис, Фриули-Венеция-Джулия, Великобритания

Quotes of Fabio Capello

Известный итальянский футболист и тренер, главный тренер сборной России по футболу

  • ⋅Certainly it's nice to have historic moments like this but eventually somebody will break this (record). We're aiming for the end result, otherwise the rest is useless. /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅The most beautiful record was winning the league unbeaten with Milan /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅I'm disappointed. It is a problem. I'm happy with the physical side of the game and the desire that we showed. But I'm sorry about having had such a tough challenge ahead of the Arsenal game, especially as they haven't played. /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅In the first half we conceded a goal that we shouldn't have done. Maybe the second we should have avoided as well. /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅I never cry about what I don't have. I'm always positive. /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅We deserved to lose and it was a good result for us, considering the way we played in the second half. /Fabio Capello
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  • ⋅If Arsenal continue in this form, it'll be difficult for anybody to beat them. /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅We hope we can cause Arsenal some damage. A 2-0 (deficit) is extremely difficult to recover but much will depend on whether we can score one goal in the first half. /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅Del Piero has not been called. /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅I never cry about what I don't have. I'm always positive. I am happy with the team I have and I am confident that we can do well. /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅I'm not thinking about it. I have a positive approach and I'm convinced we have the desire and determination to do great things. /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅Pavel is a player that changes the rhythm of games. He will be decisive tomorrow when we will have no choice but to attack from the start. /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅Sometimes miracles happen. We have to be confident. We're convinced we can do something really exceptional. /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅Sometimes, miracles can happen. We are confident about tomorrow because we believe we can do something exceptional. /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅We did everything possible and played a good match, but the 2-0 from the first leg was too difficult to recover. We could not have done any better at this stage of the season. /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅You start the season with the goals of winning both the league and the Champions League. Once again, we've seen how difficult that it. /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅If Arsenal can stay in this kind of physical shape, they will definitely be very hard to beat. /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅I didn't hear them. This team doesn't deserve that. The fans didn't help us. The guys gave their all and you have to realize it when you come up against a stronger opponent. /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅In the two matches we played, they scored two goals so they are better than us. /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅It's a long season and Milan and Inter can give us bother right up until the end /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅Instead of the record I'm already thinking about Saturday /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅Our minds are now focused on the league game against Lecce (on Sunday). /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅We played a good match, only the result was negative. We did not deserve defeat. /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅I'm glad for the equaled record. However, the final numbers really count. /Fabio Capello
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  • ⋅You can lose against a great squad like Bayern /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅We weren't as fresh and aggressive as we usually are and our reaction came too late. Bayern deserved to win. /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅The most important thing is we played a great game and showed a lot of character, ... We dominated in midfield. (Patrick) Vieira was excellent. We really allowed Inter very little. /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅Parma were too aggressive in the first half, ... I knew that they would not be able to keep that pace all match long. We performed really well after the break. I picked up the right players and I am glad about the result. We were slow in the first half but we hugely improved our passing game in the second. /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅There are some nights when everything goes your way and some when it doesn't, and this wasn't our game. I was most disappointed with our lack of aggression as that is normally one of our characteristics. /Fabio Capello
  • ⋅It is never an easy business defeating Real Madrid and so that was a special feeling /Fabio Capello
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