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Анна Курникова


Anna Kournikova

Фотография Анна Курникова (photo Anna Kournikova)

День рождения: 07.06.1981 года
Возраст: 36 лет
Место рождения: Москва, Московская, Россия

Quotes of Anna Kournikova

теннисистка, модель

  • ⋅God gives all to those, who get up early. /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅It's not really a shorter skirt, I just have longer legs... /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅Do I consider myself sexy? I all depends on the way I'm feeling. When I'm happy inside, that's when I feel most sexy. /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅I have lost this battle but I will win the war. /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅I'm like an expensive menu... you can look but you can't afford! /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅Like any young person, I do what I want. /Anna Kournikova
  • Реклама:
  • ⋅I think that tennis is a lady's sport, so we should look out there like ladies. /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅I am beautiful, famous and gorgeous. /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅I have a lot of boyfriends, I want you to write that. Every country I visit, I have a different boyfriend. And I kiss them all. /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅I don't know what better teenage life you could get than going around the world doing what you love to do. /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅A court is like a scene, people want to see attractive people. /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅It's true I always try to be as seductive as possible but I wouldn't be here if I couldn't play tennis. /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅When I was 12, every little girl in Russia was trying to wear her hair like mine and playing tennis. /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅Boyfriends have to understand me and my needs. They have to know what I want out of my life and about my strict regime. I go to bed at 10pm and not later. I separate my professional and private lives. /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅I've just done a commercial in the U.S. in which I talk about stocks, shares and bonds. Everyone is amazed. They ask me: 'You really know about that stuff or did you just learn it for the commercial?' I tell them I wouldn't do it unless I understood and had an interest. /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅There's time for a boyfriend in my life. But he would have to be understanding. He would have to understand that often I will be travelling and playing. /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅When I play, I feel like in a theatre, why should I look ugly then, because I'm a tennis-player? /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅My manager wants me to dress like a nun and I want to dress like a teenager. /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅There are a lot of pretty girls. I am a tennis player first of all, that is why I am here, and if wasn't producing results no one would notice me. /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅You don't think people would go on about my looks if I was No. 500 in the world instead of No.12, do you? Anyway, as I keep telling everyone, you can't blame me for looking like this on purpose. /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅Boyfriends have to understand my needs. I shower four times a day. /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅The world believes all blondes are stupid and brunettes are smarter. Well, I disagree. /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅At this year's Open, I'll have five boyfriends. /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅People don't get to see the unglamourous side. /Anna Kournikova
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  • ⋅There are parties and stuff, but I don't go to a lot of them. I just have to go because the sponsors are there, but not to have a crazy time. I'm a normal person. I like to stay at home, watch a little TV if I can. /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅I enjoy every win that I have. Every win gives me satisfaction, because all the girls are competitive and the tour is so even and tough. /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅I am beautiful, famous and gorgeous. I could have any man in the world /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅I just play for fun. /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅Well, I'm playing for the fans so whenever they come and ask for autographs I always try to give it to everybody because I'm out there for the people /Anna Kournikova
  • ⋅The courts are as a stage, people love to see attractive players. /Anna Kournikova
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