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Мартина Хингис


Martina Hingis

Фотография Мартина Хингис (photo Martina Hingis)

День рождения: 30.09.1980 года
Возраст: 37 лет
Место рождения: Кошица, Словакия, Швейцария

Quotes of Martina Hingis

Швейцарская теннисистка чешско-венгерского происхождения

  • ⋅One day you can be a kid, but another day you have to be like this is your job, you play tennis. You have to work for that. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅It's my rookie season, so I'm really enjoying every minute of it, ... I'm very happy to be in the championship. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅I just really like playing here. I've always had good results here and those memories kick in as well. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅(My performance at the recent Australian Open) gave me a lot of confidence. Making the last eight (in Melbourne) exceeded all my expectations. Now that confidence shows, especially in today's game. I've been improving every week. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅I was a little nervous going into the match. She pushed me right away but I was able to adjust to where she was serving and my reaction got better. Thank god I still have those skills. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅I thought I finally beat a top 20, but definitely it's sweet to beat the number three seed. /Martina Hingis
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  • ⋅That gave me a lot of confidence making the last eight and showed I had some kind of game. It exceeded my expectations....The confidence, it showed in today's game. The potential is there and I can improve every week. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅Today I had to good win, a good start. Tomorrow you never know....Hopefully it's a good match but I'm not looking too far ahead [to the final]. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅I was always saying when I came back if I could play her, and tomorrow, the day has rrived. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅I saw her when she was 12 and she was very good even then. You could hear her from like 10 courts further down. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅Her biggest strength is she serves well and is mentally tough. I've always said I wanted to play her and now I'll get my chance. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅I played well. I didn't miss much on key points and I put a lot of pressure on her. I couldn't ask for much more, she's the No. 4 player in the world. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅Playing the top players you have to play them over and over. You have to start believing and step by step I'm getting my confidence back. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅It took me three years to recharge my brain and my body and hopefully I can keep playing like this. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅I feel definitely very good being in the finals again. I hadn't thought to make it this far.... /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅Everybody has always been asking me which player you want to play and I always said 'Maria,' because I've never played her and she's a great champion, she has won Wimbledon at such a young age. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅We both knew what to expect from one another. I was watching her growing up and playing. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅It feels good to be in the finals once again. I never thought I would make it this far. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅I didn't miss much of the key points and I put her under pressure. I couldn't ask for more, because Maria is number four in the world. I knew I had to come up with a great game and I did. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅I tried a lot of things, but she always had a better answer. I had to take a lot of risks and started making errors because she was putting too much pressure on me. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅I told her that if you played like that all the time, she would have won a Grand Slam already. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅I'm not looking for any excuses. She was just too good today. I've had a very good start to my comeback and I will go home with my head up. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅I've exceeded my own expectations and am happy to be playing good tennis once again. I've got a couple of things I have to work on and I'll go where this takes me. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅I knew I had to come up with a great game and I did. /Martina Hingis
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  • ⋅I've exceeded my own expectations and am happy to be playing good tennis once again. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅I'm not looking for any excuses, she was just too good today. I'm going home with my head up. This is a good start to my comeback. I don't think I played badly today, she was just too good. Being in the finals here in Tokyo really exceeded my expectations. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅It was probably one Russian too many. It used to be I had to play both Williams sisters and Lindsay Davenport, now it's the Russians. (But) I have surpassed all my expectations of my comeback and feel very good knowing I can go out there and play with the best players in the world. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅I'm not looking for any excuses. She was just too good today. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅Maria's strengths are her serve and that she is mentally tough. I have nothing to lose but to just go out and play my own game against her. I've wanted to play her since going into retirement. /Martina Hingis
  • ⋅It's really great to be back after all this time. I have very nice memories because I was the first female player to win the title here (in 2001). Hopefully these memories will inspire me and it will be a good week for me in this great event. I was always impressed with the modernity of Dubai and all that it has to offer. /Martina Hingis
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