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Алессандро Дель Пьеро


Alessandro Del Piero

Фотография Алессандро Дель Пьеро (photo Alessandro Del Piero)

День рождения: 09.11.1974 года
Возраст: 43 года
Место рождения: Конельяно, Италия

Quotes of Alessandro Del Piero


  • ⋅Us, Germany, Brazil and Argentina - these will be the sides that will battle it out for the title. /Alessandro Del Piero
  • ⋅Even as a child I was obsessed by the prospect of playing football. Nothing else ever interested me. It was just football. /Alessandro Del Piero
  • ⋅I'm the leading scorer in the cup, and that's lovely, but don't forget this is also a great moment for the whole squad, when the two things coincide you can't ask for more. /Alessandro Del Piero
  • ⋅Luckily, thanks to the way my parents taught me, I think I can handle the fame in the right manner. /Alessandro Del Piero
  • ⋅Money is not everything. My ambition was football itself, not the money I'd make from it. If that brings me and my family a more comfortable lifestyle, then that's fine. But I don't spend my time between games and training sessions thinking about figures. /Alessandro Del Piero
  • ⋅I even scored Monaco's goal too. Please, put it down as an own goal for me! /Alessandro Del Piero
  • ⋅I feel bad and I'm going home, /Alessandro Del Piero
  • ⋅I'm injured and I am going home. /Alessandro Del Piero
  • ⋅It's always hard to be left out, /Alessandro Del Piero
  • ⋅We will have to wait and see what happens, /Alessandro Del Piero
  • ⋅I have cried twice in my life watching a football player; the first one was Maradona and the second was Ryan Giggs. /Alessandro Del Piero
  • ⋅As captain, I must always be an example to my team-mates. I'm calm and I don't have any problem with the coach or with the club. My only goal is to be ready whenever I have the opportunity to play. /Alessandro Del Piero
  • ⋅Had I found the back of the net it would have been a double satisfaction but I've scored many goals and the important thing was for me to play well. /Alessandro Del Piero
  • ⋅A true gentleman never leaves his lady. /Alessandro Del Piero
  • ⋅Only two players made me cry when watching football, one was Diego Maradona and the other Ryan Giggs. /Alessandro Del Piero
  • ⋅No color will ever be brighter for me than black and white. /Alessandro Del Piero
  • ⋅Messi on the World Cup 2014? He showed why he is the best player in the world. It was a pleasure to see him play. /Alessandro Del Piero
  • ⋅Messi is the real deal when it comes to Number 10s. He represents a type of football that transcends borders. /Alessandro Del Piero

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