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Дик Адвокат


Dick Advokat

Фотография Дик Адвокат (photo Dick Advokat)

День рождения: 27.09.1947 года
Возраст: 70 лет
Место рождения: Гаага, Дания

Quotes of Dick Advokat

Главный тренер Зенита

  • ⋅We should finish off the chances at this level. If you get in front of the goal three or four times, what more do you need? /Dick Advokat
  • ⋅For sure it is not to our advantage but they still have some good squad players, /Dick Advokat
  • Реклама:
  • ⋅I think if I was in the position of the Czech coach, I would do the same, /Dick Advokat
  • ⋅We earned this tonight, not with great soccer, but with very hard work. /Dick Advokat
  • ⋅It wasn't the substitution that turned the match, individual errors led to the Czech goals, /Dick Advokat
  • ⋅We proved we can also win on penalties. We dealt with that, /Dick Advokat
  • ⋅When you first meet him you often find him to be annoying, and you have to control yourself not to say anything. /Dick Advokat
  • ⋅We controlled the match completely but after the break we took advantage and created space to score four goals, /Dick Advokat
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  • ⋅Tomorrow we will take a final decision about Seedorf, /Dick Advokat
  • ⋅Of course the opening match is important but the cut will be made after three matches. /Dick Advokat
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