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Виталий Кличко


Vitaliy Klitschko

Фотография Виталий Кличко (photo Vitaliy Klitschko)

День рождения: 19.07.1971 года
Возраст: 47 лет
Место рождения: пос. Беловодск, Кыргызстан

Quotes of Vitaliy Klitschko

Боксер, чемпион Европы и Мира в супертяжелом весе, мэр Киева

  • ⋅We did not start from the material the bullet mold. /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅I know he is a gentleman and everybody wants to see a second fight /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅I am really happy that Rahman beat Monte Barrett, ... I want to beat Hasim Rahman very much. His mouth and talk proves nothing to me. I think real fighters do not perform in the press, they perform in the ring. /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅I don't like all this talking in the press, /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅You talk about me, I am chicken to fight you. That's not true. I bring you dessert on November 12th. /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅It's not true. I'm ready to fight against everyone. I am world champion. /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅My personal opinion — he's the strongest fighter in the heavyweight division right now. He has a lot of weapons. I don't want to make the same mistake as Lennox Lewis. /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅He is a strong fighter. A great fighter, his record speaks for itself. I mean everybody who gets in there (with Vitali) basically gets knocked out, probably the toughest fight I have ever had. I think we devised a game plan to be mentally and physically ready to show you all something that you have never seen before. So if you miss this one, you will certainly miss the best fight of my career and I have had some good fights. /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅You are a real champion. You talk a lot over the past six months and it is going to be great to show you inside the ring how it is better to resolve wars. Lets talk in the office. /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅This is our victory, /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅I'm hungry about boxing because the break has been so long. /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅I had a special bandage fitted to my knee but sparring was still difficult, /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅We decided the trauma I received would not allow me to enter the ring on November 12. /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅We try to use our experiences as leverage for our social work, to help children to get education because that is the way to get a special life, ... Pedagogical control over system of preparation for young athletes. /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅I live in an airplane, /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅Unfortunately, I've been fighting injuries recently more than facing rivals in the ring. /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅The decision to end was hard to make. But I would like to end my career on top and with my retirement make the way free for my successor. /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅Unfortunately, I've been fighting injuries recently more than facing rivals in the ring. The decision to end was hard to make. But I would like to end my career on top. /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅Recently I have been fighting more often with injuries than with my opponents. It's hard to retire from this sport, but I want to finish my career at the summit and leave the way open for my successors. /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅Snow from yesterday. Everything is healed. I'm healthy and I don't want to think about it anymore. I'm feeling great. In seven weeks, I will be in top form. /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅I came about something of what no sportsman can be insured of. This is a trauma. On Thursday evening, when I was in the sparring at the Pound-4-Pound Gym in LA, I injured my right knee in the eighth round. After careful examinations it turned out to be a trauma of the meniscus in the right knee. /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅I want to become Kiev mayor because I love my city very much and want to improve life in it. /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅I love my native city Kiev and want to make life better there. /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅He's earned all his money himself, with his fists. He didn't steal it like the rest of our politicians. And he'll be less tempted to steal if he gets in the chair. /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅I tried to be the leader ... that was my aim. But it is important to know how to win and how to lose. /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅Simple pictures with lots of flowers, trees and green - full of emotion and positive energy. You can see at once they all have a very positive attitude. They are open to everyone. We just have to help them along in life. /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅I had a dream after the fight. I won the fight. But in my fight record I was losing. Not just me but the media and all boxing fans wait for a second fight. And I will be very happy to fight him again but it does not depend on me. /Vitaliy Klitschko
  • ⋅There is one thing that I feel I still have to do and that is gain revenge over Lennox Lewis. If Lewis came back I would find the motivation to return to boxing and beat him. /Vitaliy Klitschko
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