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Леброн Джеймс


LeBron James

Фотография Леброн Джеймс (photo LeBron James)

День рождения: 30.12.1984 года
Возраст: 34 года
Место рождения: Акрон, Огайо, США

Quotes of LeBron James

Аамериканский профессиональный баскетболист

  • ⋅As a kid, we would drive up and down 77 North - that's our highway - there would be office buildings on the side of the highway and I'd be like, that's what my house is going to look like when I get older. I'm going to start making my house look like this. /LeBron James
  • ⋅For me, already being part of a single parent household and knowing it was just me and my mom, you'd would wake up times and hope that the next day you'd be able to be alongside your mother because she was out trying to make sure that I was taken care of. But all I cared about was her being home. /LeBron James
  • ⋅I am just happy to be part of the Nike family. /LeBron James
  • ⋅I played football for a team called the East Dragons on the east side of town. We only had six regular season games. And six games I played tail back and I had 18 touchdowns in six games. That's when I knew I had some athletic ability. /LeBron James
  • ⋅There is a lot of pressure put on me, but I don't put a lot of pressure on myself. I feel if I play my game, it will take care of itself. /LeBron James
  • ⋅To all the positions, I just bring the determination to win. Me being an unselfish player, I think that can carry on to my teammates. When you have one of the best players on the court being unselfish, I think that transfers to the other players. /LeBron James
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  • ⋅Well, I mean, to me, I think my ultimate - my ultimate goal is winning championships and - and I understand that me going down as one of the greats will not happen until I, you know, win a championship. /LeBron James
  • ⋅Where I grew up - I grew up on the north side of Akron, lived in the projects. So those scared and lonely nights - that's every night. You hear a lot of police sirens, you hear a lot of gunfire. Things that you don't want your kids to hear growing up. /LeBron James
  • ⋅Commitment is a big part of what I am and what I believe. How committed are you to winning? How committed are you to being a good friend? To being trustworthy? To being successful? How committed are you to being a good father, a good teammate, a good role model? There's that moment every morning when you look in the mirror: Are you committed, or are you not? /LeBron James
  • ⋅My father wasn't around when I was a kid, and I used to always say, 'Why me? Why don't I have a father? Why isn't he around? Why did he leave my mother?' But as I got older I looked deeper and thought, 'I don't know what my father was going through, but if he was around all the time, would I be who I am today?' /LeBron James
  • ⋅You know, my family and friends have never been yes-men: 'Yes, you're doing the right thing, you're always right.' No, they tell me when I'm wrong, and that's why I've been able to stay who I am and stay humble. /LeBron James
  • ⋅You know, when I have a bad game, it continues to humble me and know that, you know, you still have work to do and you still have a lot of people to impress. /LeBron James
  • ⋅My game is really played above time. I don't say that like I'm saying I'm ahead of my time. I'm saying, like, if I'm on the court and I throw a pass, the ball that I've thrown will lead my teammate right where he needs to go, before he even knows that that's the right place to go to. /LeBron James
  • ⋅There are always people always asking you for something. But I feel like I have a foundation. I have a supporting cast where it doesn't bother me too much. /LeBron James
  • ⋅Sometimes in the past when I played something might make me lose focus, or I would go home after a game where I thought I could have played better and I would let it hang over my head for a long time when it shouldn't. /LeBron James
  • ⋅I have short goals - to get better every day, to help my teammates every day - but my only ultimate goal is to win an NBA championship. It's all that matters. I dream about it. I dream about it all the time, how it would look, how it would feel. It would be so amazing. /LeBron James
  • ⋅You have to be able to accept failure to get better. /LeBron James
  • ⋅Basketball is my passion, I love it. But my family and friends mean everything to me. That's what's important. I need my phone so I can keep in contact with them at all times. /LeBron James
  • ⋅I'm a pretty funny guy, and I would love to do a comedy with a bunch of funny guys - movie-star guys, where they could help me through it. /LeBron James
  • ⋅You know, God gave me a gift to do other things besides play the game of basketball. /LeBron James
  • ⋅But now, being a parent, I go home and see my son and I forget about any mistake I ever made or the reason I'm upset. I get home and my son is smiling or he comes running to me. It has just made me grow as an individual and grow as a man. /LeBron James
  • ⋅Akron, Ohio, is my home. I will always be here. I'm still working out at my old high school. /LeBron James
  • ⋅Akron, Ohio, is my home. It will always be remembered. Akron, Ohio, is my life. /LeBron James
  • ⋅When I was 5, some financial things happened, and I moved seven times in a year. We moved from apartment to apartment, sometimes living with friends. My mom would always say, 'Don't get comfortable, because we may not be here long.' /LeBron James
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  • ⋅Being the only man in the household with my mom definitely helped me grow up fast. /LeBron James
  • ⋅I hear my friends and my mom tell me I'm special, but honestly, I still don't get it. /LeBron James
  • ⋅My mom and I have always been there for each other. We had some tough times, but she was always there for me. /LeBron James
  • ⋅I need music. It's like my heartbeat, so to speak. It keeps me going no matter what's going on - bad games, press, whatever! /LeBron James
  • ⋅When you have that respect from your teammates, it makes it a lot more comfortable. /LeBron James
  • ⋅But sports carried me away from being in a gang, or being associated with drugs. Sports was my way out. /LeBron James
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