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Кэппи Пондэкстер


Cappie Pondexter

Фотография Кэппи Пондэкстер (photo Cappie Pondexter)

День рождения: 07.01.1983 года
Возраст: 35 лет
Место рождения: Океансайд штат Калифорния, США

Quotes of Cappie Pondexter

Баскетболистка, участница Олимпиады 2008

  • ⋅As a group, for us to make a run in the tournament, I think that our sixth player, seventh player, eighth player, ninth player, and so on have to give us the intensity that we need when they're coming in. They have to go and focus. When you're a reserve player you have to continue what the starters do. If they started out great, then you have to make it even better. /Cappie Pondexter
  • ⋅Diana was playing the [point] and that's not really her natural position. She's a scorer, a [shooting] guard and the fact that I am a point guard, will definitely help her in terms of her numbers and things she's capable of doing. /Cappie Pondexter
  • ⋅I?m glad that my hard work has finally paid off. I worked for four years for this moment. /Cappie Pondexter
  • ⋅It's all happened,' Pondexter looked back on her year of trial, 'the way God wanted it to happen.' /Cappie Pondexter
  • ⋅The intensity level for them was high. They're going to surprise some people. /Cappie Pondexter
  • ⋅When they said that Phoenix was on the clock, I was getting kind of nervous, but excited nervous. I'm glad that it's over with, that I get to know where I'm going. /Cappie Pondexter
  • ⋅It's definitely an accomplishment, but we can't settle on the win. We just look at it as a step toward the Big East title. It was big to come in here and win. It was the first time in history. We can't put everything on this game, they still have to come to our place. We still have to come here for the Big East tournament, so there's still a lot in front of us. /Cappie Pondexter
  • ⋅It was rough but we had to continue to believe. Every time I went into the huddle I told those guys just to focus, to believe and take it one possession at a time. /Cappie Pondexter
  • ⋅They elevate our game to another level. They're quicker, faster, they can jump higher. So that means you have to play smart. You might have to box them out so they can't jump over you. Or when you're elevating on your shot, you might have to elevate even more just because they can jump higher. The small things like that, they make the game easier for us. /Cappie Pondexter
  • ⋅We lost our intensity when we started substituting. Until then, we were doing everything right. Then we just sort of lost it. The subs have to know they have to play with the same intensity as the starters and they didn't do that tonight. That's why St. John's got back in the game. /Cappie Pondexter
  • ⋅It's just overwhelming just knowing your dream is here in front of you. /Cappie Pondexter
  • ⋅It's hard [arriving just before the game], but it's more mental than anything. I think I prepared myself as I was coming over mentally, to not think about being fatigued or anything, just to be ready to help the team. /Cappie Pondexter
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