Alcohol on my hands

I got plans

to ditch myself and get outside

dancing women

throwing plates

decapitating their laughing dates

swirling chickens caught in flight

out of focus

much too bright

coming down

shiny teeth

game show suckers trying to bleed

but I got a drug and I got the bug

and I got something better than love

How you like me now

pretty good

going on, feeling strong

I quit my job blowing leaves

telephone bills up my sleeves

choking like a one man dustbowl

freedom rock slimeball

talking in code

we went down

lit up the shack

grab me a beer out of the sack

everybody bent over twice

painting the walls throwing some dice

leaping up into the air getting juiced up beyond belief

and they were singing like this

winos throwing Frisbees at the sun

put my soul between a bun

now I'm hungry now I'm drunk

now I'm running like a flaming pig

oh yeah

scraping off the attitude

old man eating all my food

don't be kind

don't be rude

just shake your boots and let it all get loose

oh yeah

my goodness

fluffy clouds

jumping rainbows

fluffy clouds

I'm sad

jumping rainbows

a soft and snuggly place


fluffy clouds

I'm sad and unhappy

oh yeah, I like it like that

oh that is cold

somebody put a flame-thrower on that

oh my goodness

take me down to the depot

buddy put me down on the bus

oh yeah

I like it like that

somebody bring me a plate of sassafras

hey hey hey


what's happenin