Absolute Defiance
I feel the pressure, it boils in my veins

There will be no praying for peace, no sacrifice

As I feel the burning, of hate, it's blinding me

I just live to destroy my mortal enemies

I just see the face that's the target in my mind

And with pleasure, carve it, and cut it from your head,

There - is - no - reason, it's just a laugh for me

'Cause you lost my patience, and with it goes your life

Your existence, a parody

There's no excuse I can believe

One time, is all it takes,

To rip the flesh from off your face

Die, die, die, just fucking die, die, die, just fucking die

With puppet strings, and faking lies

A hollow head, and empty eyes

Take your breath, and let it go

The last one you'll ever know

Die, die, die, just fucking die, die, die, just fucking die

Habitual complacency conforms your life away

It does not take a lot of thought to follow and obey

The dead fucking traitor has no reason to complain

A lifeless bag of shit with no face and with no name

I just have no patience for the scum of the earth

Why not kill these fuckers, make them die, make it hurt

Worthless global breeders crawl like roaches on my back

A pestilence of hyper-active idiots on crack

I choose not to follow all the prophets preaching greed

To the close-minded corpses that consume beyond need