A Little Deeper
Have you ever had a broken heart, felt so much pain

Lived in so much dark thought you'd never see the light again

Have you ever yearned from deep within when you see others laughin

That just for one second, you could b them

I lived life hiding behind the curtain

Never known for certain when I'd be free

I lived life as my shadow hopin that the pain would go

But all the time I was hidin from me


If you know what I mean

If you too are searchin 2 b happy

All you gotta do is dig a little deeper within you

Have you ever fallen out of love

Your feelings just disappeared

But it's yourself you're thinkin of

And so still you kept them near

Have you ever been untrue

Even though you knew right from wrong

But the coward in you just kept them hanging on

I ain't charmin 2 b no angel

I really never meant 2 it just weren't meant 2 b

I knew he thought I was the one

The least that I could of done was made him hear it from me

[Chorus 2]

If you ever been through broken heart then really you need 2 remember how it

felt b4

Ur untrue

And think a little deeper bout what you do

[Thanks to inde68@hotmail.com for these lyrics]