Wake Me Up
I like to know I?m the key that unlocks me

I like to be, like to feel incomplete

Enjoy to be like I am and always will be

Best things are free

I believe, I believe

I like to hear honesty, no lying

I like to feel my thoughts, see them flying

Enjoy the smile of a child, purely loving

Somebody please shake me

Somebody please wake me up

Somebody please

Wake me up, wake me up

I wouldn?t take up my time, with trophy hunting

I wouldn?t say empty words, no flaunting

I can not stand anymore, I keep on looking

For something real I can feel, I can feel

I won?t give in to this world, keep on fighting

I won?t get nothing for free, no use applying

I won?t agree to the fact, the pain is growing


I like to be maybe little naive

Shake me up somebody please

Best things are free, I believe

I believe, I believe