My child, I had a visitation in my sleep last night

Something was calling to me from a blinding light

And told me not to fear it, hear it

It said, "It's time to make the world a little wiser.

There are enough destroyers and criticizers.

The world needs a healer, healer."

And I awoke, my heart was pounding

'Cause it was not like me to have such dreams

But I could not fall asleep for wondering

Why the messenger had come to me

My child, I am too old and I am set in my ways

But now I realize just what the voice conveyed

You will be a healer, healer

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice

Because the healer comes

The healer comes

Your destiny I lay before you

But then the choice was never yours nor mine

When it's time to take this burden on you

Then I will take the one you leave behind