My Voice Is Changing
Last night when I went to bed

With tangled hair upon my head

In every way I really was a kid

It happened without warning

When I woke up in the morning

I can't tell you just what happened but it did

I grew six inches in one day

It's painful when it goes that way

And now my skinny body's really achin'

And my skin just exploded

With an inch of oil it's loaded

It's so greasy you could fry a pound of bacon

My voice is changing

Out of thin air

And body parts that once were smooth

Are growing bits of hair

My voice is changing

What does it mean?

I guess I'll be a real man

Before I turn 13

I buy two pairs of jeans a week

I'm such a tall and awkward geek

I fall down when I try to play a grounder

At dinner every night I eat

A giant heaping plate of meat

Then go out with my friends for quarter pounders

And weird emotions come alive

My hormones are in overdrive

I've turned into a girl-watching creature

And all my friends their marks are shot

But they don't care because they're hot

For Mrs. Smith the mathematics teacher

My voice is changing

I hate to hear it crack

I pray to God I won't inherit

Dad's hairy back

My voice is changing

When will it end?

And when will mom stop kissing me

In front of all my friends?

Pretty soon I bet I'll

Be right into heavy metal

But my parents say at least it isn't rap

I'll start wearing stupid clothes

And threaten that I'll pierce my nose

And tell my parents all they like is crap

The first girl that I ever kiss

Will be the one and who could miss

Our love fo