Inside Reallity
Voices beyond the door of indreaming

Whispering in my ears the notes

Overture for the last ride

Ancient knowledge is passed to another generation

Through the feather

Their echoes become immortal in the paper

Read are their voices

In another sunset further in time . . .

In the sea of concious

Words will be their guide

Their fates brought them into these point

In this labyrinth of phrases

Their fates will show them the way

To the unknown

[Solo Tono]

[Solo Ndua]


Starting to dream . . .

I sleep and awake in the world of dreams

Awake in a common reality, but it is not the same for everyone

I have to dwell between a permanent and a changing world

That is driving me to the edge

To open the doors that cross in my way

Beyond each a quest to be fulfilled

To reach the control of that forgotten world

That is left behind, they all denied

The rays of light that gave birth to the world

Show me the body that hides beyond the cover of the skin

My hand is writing words that I don't even know

In a foreign language brought to me by a crow

Emissary of the lands far beyond our law

He is the one that possesses the virtue

for ruling the realms


Watch my hands to regain the form of the sleeping body

Watch the mist fade away and discover the realms of the infinite sea

Canvas of pictures of my live that changes in a violent motion

To open the doors....

[Lead Ndua]