Show Of Myself
Sowing marbles into marshmallows

Sewing sequins onto rags

Cutting out my finest moments

Cutting anything that drags

Putting on my coat and tails

Putting on my party hat

Follow anything that moves baby moves

Just you try and follow that

And I learned to trust my body

And I learned to change my mind

Until this man of straw had nothing left to hide


I'm making a show of myself

Accidents that never happened

Loves that never could have been

Falling from a rock onto a soft place

Fall somewhere in between

And how could I be a hero

On my knees and four hours sleep?

You put a cat among the vultures

You set a child to catch a thief

And the call of the canvas

Becomes a curtain call

I lost my touch the day I learned to take a fall


I dance blind around the house

I wish you were still here

For me to stumble over

For me to be in fear of

To show me

And everything I am

And everything I do

Is trying to paint a miracle

Bold lyrical and new

Just to show you

And I'm tired of playing trick or treat

And I'm tired of love that goes for a song

And I'm tired of letting circus animals loose

But I'm not tired enough to stop