let me be
I'm an ordinary guy but not to you

What do I have to do to make it clear to you

You're humping around every time I'm home

what do I have to do to make you leave me alone

it doesn't bother me to see you once in a while

but stop showing me that you're ready and fertile

you could be cool, you?‚?’re not that kind of a bitch

Who with every word she says makes my blood itch

Is it me am I paranoid

should I behave like an android to avoid

this conflict, no I don't want to harass you

though sometimes I just wanna crush you and bash you

But that's not me I'm not the violent type

leave me alone and let me live my life

without being afraid to see you

that I have to hurt you

If I could avoid it, that's what I should do now

Go away and let me be

Go away, you're choking me

Go away

Go away and let me be

and let me be

Go away, you're choking me

What do I have to say

go away, and let me be

there ain't no you and me

I know you're trying, you try to live your life

You don't have a lot of friends and still you try to survive

I don't know how you feel towards me

But it scares me the way you worship me

That's how I see it and that's how I feel

I'm not attracted to you, keep it real

You're always around no matter where I go

Go away for a while, just lay low

Why can't you see that you're stalking me

You use every friend I have to get close to me

at first me, then the band and my brother

Later my friends you even got to my mother

When I'm on stage you're in front

After five minutes of waving I wanna break..

No further this shit's gotta cease

I'll put a hold on it before I break the peace now