Zombie Molestation (Raped By The Dead)
Raped by the dead, bent over at the grave,

I attack from behind, and you drop your precious roses.

Your warmth rouses me, the hunger burns within

and I laugh at your screams as I tear away your clothing.

Man, Woman, means nothing to me,

I violate their holes, rape the living equally.

When the act's completed, I spill my stinking goo

and as I pull away my rotting cock breaks off in you.

Masticated intestines, are a savory gruel to slather my tool,

slick with smegmatic gravy, I dump my fuck into you.

Your screams to me are of pleasure as I hammer your gash, your ulcerous ass

Ahh!! the heat of your shit is so sweet on the shaft of my rotten dick!

Screams! We Breed! The bitch is oozing with seed

The orgy will not stop, until every corpse has ravaged your twat

We are many and writhing with lust, hate and reek of disgust

Every hole will be torn, battered and dripping with fluids before we are


We are going to hurt you. We are going to fuck you.

We are going to eat you, while you're still alive.

We will sodomize you, tear the insides from you.

We will fuck your ruptured flesh, as you beg to die.

Untold millennia of breeding, a most hideous evolution.

New forms of life after death, and a lust that can never be killed.

We rise from mouldering graves, to beat, to rape and devour you.

Our need can never be sated. Your flesh can never endure our love.