I Am Sure
Looking at the future

Who can tell you what's going on?

It seems we have become a generation

Of wars and bombs

And the heart grows cold

And the fear grows strong

And the day may come

And it may not be very long

And you want to run

But you don't know where

Where do you go?

I know, and I'll tell you


I am sure there will be a day

But it will not be like the nations say

The Lord will come when this life is through

And His deep desire is to be with you

Hearts will fly when the new world starts

And joy will rise like the morning star

God will meet every cry of the heart

And it's my prayer

I want you to be there

I used to think about the new creation

Things that God would do

So every now and then I stop and close my eyes

I enjoy the view

And the heart grows strong

And the fear grows weak

And I cannot wait for the new world to come to me

And while I dream

I pray for you

'Cause He wants you to go

I know, and I tell you...