Where Did I Go Wrong
Featuring JD]


Come on yeah yeah yeah yeah

Uh huh yeah yeah yeah yeah

Who you know

Make you dance like I do?

Huh? Let me know

Who you know

Make you dance like I do?



1 I remember when

You gave a damn about me

And how I made you so happy

And now I wish that things could go

Back the way they used to be girl

Tell me where did I go wrong

Do you have a answer for me, baby?

Where did I go wrong

Cuz you're driving me crazy, crazy, crazy

Everything was cool yesterday

Until you told me you had to get away

Away, no explaination

You must be in a situation somewhere else

Gotta be

'Bout the only way you can leave me by myself

Repeat 1

Was it something your girlfriend

Said I did?

Or was it just a misconception

Of the life I live

Did I party too much for you, girl?

Tell me what I gotta do

Cuz never in my wildest dreams

Did I think you would leave

Repeat 1

All I wanted to do

Was be a man to you

I worked so hard

To keep us together

Whatever it was

That makes you wanna leave

Baby, I'm sorry, I wish you would tell me

Where did I go wrong?

Repeat JD

Repeat 1 until fade