U Betta Recognize (Pump Pump Intro)
Oh shit is, is that Snoop over there? Oh shit

Fuck that nigga bitch. My name is Sam Sneed you betta recognize

Aiyyo, aiy, I'm sorry, I just love that nigga he is so fine

Man fuck that nigga

His music is so fuckin dope

Hey look Sam man, I gotta go pee I'll be right back aight

Yeah aight

Yeah yeah I'm just slidin you know

Get this Henny tap in my vein

Yo Snoop whassup Snoop?

Ay, hold up, yo

Hey, how you doin?

Whas happenin?

Yo Snoop you know I just love your shit you are just so fine to me

Aiyyo bitch, bring your black ass back over

What the fuck's wrong with you?

Yo whas happenin is that your nigga or somethin?

Look check this shit out that nigga he don't run me OK?

I'm talkin to you that's all

Yeah whassup nigga? What the fuck's wrong with you?

Yo nigga whas happenin fool?

You know the name of the game, your bitch chose me

Nigga we can handle this like some gentlemen

or we can get into some gangsta shit

So whassup nigga?

Have it your motherfuckin way

Well whassup?

That's whassup nigga