Yes, I thought that you were true

When I fell in love with you

For you told me you always would play square

Then I learned you had a home

That your wife had not gone wrong

And our love was just a backstreet affair

Was too late to say no

When I found you'd fooled me so

For as time passed on I'd learned too much to care

Though I knew I must atone

But my will was not my own

I'm paying for that backstreet affair

You didn't count the cost

You gambled and I lost

Now I must pay with hours of deep despair

You still can live your life

With a true, forgiving wife

But I can't live down our backstreet affair

The love I gave so free

Is left to torture me

Though I know it's hopeless and it isn't fair

But, still I must go on

While the gossips spread are wrong

I'm paying for that backstreet affair