Ah keep on, chcka chcka chcka (Repeat 6x)

Mo'fucker move back, I pursue rap at the pace of a New Jack

Miscellaneous numbers and shoes stack grooves

Rap I deliver for the hungry and underprivileged

Something different from these hollow and grunting niggas

This is business strictly, step to my business is risky

'Specially when you as bitch as Missy

Back to back LP's that sound the same, I surround the game

With a four-pounded brainstorm

To make niggas dance in the rain, scared to take a chance in the game

Used to breakdance, it's a shame

What money do to a nigga brain

If he lose his soul what did a nigga gain?

"Doin' it, doin' it, I am doin' it"

"C O double M O to the N" (cut and scratched 4x)

My train of thought is that of a hustler, or a nigga with his shirt off

Trying to get his work off to customers

I rap with a chip on my shoulder, squeezing Coronas

See shirts that say "We gotta get over"

That juggy shit is over, the war is on

I on;y want to be a soldier, I'm holding on, to a culture

Focused like Gordon Parks when it's sorta dark

For niggas that's flooded with ice, my thought's the ark

Performing warming arts with some shit for the heart

Don't fuck with radio, ignoring the charts

I could give a FUCK what you made in a year, nigga, you wack

A soft nigga on a hard track, in this new rap

Generation I "X" cats like a Muslim

He fell off cause I pushed him

Let his Bently and his weak crew be his cushion

I catch him on the streets, in front of the bodyguards and rush him

"Doin' it, doin' it, I am doin' it"

"C O double M O to the N" (cut and scratched 4x)

You wasn't saying you was a thug before Pac came

Ten years ago you had a high top trying to be like Kane

Then Snoop released and it became a G thang

Claim sets, your city ain't got gangs

Niggas hate you, they ain't paying you no attention

In a circle of faggots, your name is mentioned

With six degrees, I separate MC's, from a business man that's good

>From a nigga that was raised or just lived in the hood

>From what a nigga says to what's understood

Keep my shit tight like them boys in "The Wood"

Dick is always hard like the "Boyz in the Hood"

Peace to Dug Inf, No I, Sean Lett, the whole Chi

At the crib some cats give me the cold eye

I'm a bitch slap the next one

Let him know the world is my section for taking

You got to reduce aggression

"Doin' it, doin' it, I am doin' it"

"C O double M O to the N" (cut and scratched 4x)