Masters of the Universe

(These styles is unknown to)..

The two headed dragon

...(these styles is unknown to)

...the two headed dragon

[Senim] Yo and it goes on y'all

[Tekniq] uh huh..

(you don't know me and you don't know my style [Method Man])

[Verse 1]

The two headed dragon breathes fire, blows flames, veins pumping octane

blazing plain, same brain

Same ankle that enabled Kain to slew that's a sharp blade

Whether your willing or able I see your stockade

I'm from an age where I just played caption

It's passin' the fact that what you really tougue lashin'

Yo and we strikin' they backs like they card cold the dashin'

Can't escape slavery boy

I'm still the master of natural disaster this rap tougue twister

Emergin' from Waterworld the mightly world wind

Microphone cyclone blowing in your ears like your girlfriend

Till the world ends all these minds puttin' work in

Employ these toys on a job and we'll see what the hell they was thinkin'

Must've been drunk

What the hell was they drinkin'?

Why, are these rules?

Broke as hell in a Lincoln

Head on collisions in these rap competitions

My crew cats record turns their frames into scrape metal

Off to the junk yard

Cuz ain't nobodies on my rap level you can ask the devil

It ain't no way in hell these contenders can hender

Remember, guard your fender, from a friender

Mista so now I'm Silla, sinister swindla

I brought you stigmas when your hides bust in line a temper

This is a warning to you men

We're joining these tournaments of journalists and live by the pen

Now die by the sword

Tears through your gourd, got you through the mic cord

It's fine but explored, but just