Destroy the Scenery
Intro: Timbo King]

United Kingdom... the UK

We're bringing fire war

To those that oppose against the chosen

[Timbo King - Royal Fam]

As the sun rises, heat rays strikes the light geysers

Vision makes me see all snakes through their disguises

Who's the wisest, you'll be under, we'll be overstanding

The four devils don't exist in our cipher

We have to fight you, free from dumb, true and lighter

Knowledge provider, my limitation is above water

These are the days of the last quarter

Staying in tune, observing all aspects of life

Intelligent minds building electrical powerlines

Magnetic attracts metal made of steel

Disconnect your internet, burn corporate seals

Islams is shield, when we fight against satin

Allah you Akbar, time for revelations

I'll bomb nations who deal with paganism

False teaching, were here to civilize a whole region

Right and exact, my brain contains inner, outer tissues

While you be popping pistols, we be launching nuclear missles

Crimson Tide, we react like Denzel

Murder verses creating more bars than in jail

Inhale and exhale, we prevail

[Snuggle-Up - C.O.I.N.S.]


Money, you stole my rhyme, so why dont you just confess?

Your mouth will say no, but your body will say yes

Your ears'll say i heard it, your feet: "I brung a beer"

The angel'll find you quilty and award me the mayor

Internal flowing on a mountain thats blasted

So, cry for your lives and the fight is everlasting

Freeze, repent ladies and gents and save your spirit

Cuz once judgment comes, I aint trying to hear it

Suckers say, "aint nothing wrong, love is something long"

But nowadays hit the wrong button and your gone

Its written and caress about people having sex

If your holes too big, uhh shorty i'll renig

A fig with milk, the Eifel Tower tilts

To roast MC's thats why the Coin MC was built

My grandmom's took a whole year to sew a quilt

It read, "a hard head leaves a soft tale"

So, when you cheat, you get a beating

I hope it rings a bell, one, two, I know you Power-U

This is a message to you and you and you

[Timbo King]

What? Yo

You fake moves like you play chess

Off with your head, yes, striking at night with a army vest

Test the mic with words that's scientific

A chemist in a laboratory building off physics

I break you down, chopping you up in small pieces

My flows updated like pants without creases

Heat releases when energy is conducted

A forty block radius, the castle is constructed

My fam's loyal, we stay royal just like Egyptians

I slam like Islam, my knowledge brings wisdom

I bomb you with plutanium, mixed with C-4

Fuck up your route and lane with a detour

You rap peasants, you dont impress my intelligence

Off with your head, pawn 4, no type of evidence

Case closed, legally, we be regally

Catapults hit direct, destroy the scenery

[Outro: Snuggle-Up, (Timbo King), *Killarmy sample in background*]

(What?, destroy the scenery, what?, y'all don't want it)

You know what I mean?, my man Kruger's even here

All of my other family's here

You know who I'm talking about... the real cats,

the real kings, the real Gods, y'all dont want it

U.K., U.K., we're gonna bring that in, y'all,

for the '98 and on, and on, we're gonna bring that in, y'all

U.K., we rule, we're taking out your kingdom

What?, for real, everything is ours

U.K., '98, word is bond

Peace to the Gods and Earths-Queens