The Heart That Died
i fell away, when was i wrong? with no help, do i belong? and the tears fall

down may face. with no help, im disgraced. as laughter proceeds within and

between. is it suicide? or a dream? its all just so hard to believe. i wont

follow at the sorrow, empty and hollow. whats becoming a bliss. close

encounters, darkness traps me. opening up the floor of life. you thoughts

hide, your pain cries, your heart lies. trying to justify whats inside your

life. and i never thought it would end like this. upon the stars that gaze

each kiss. will i ever see you again in time before it ends? the times

turning all towards ending. would it pierce, my thoughts of you? realize

that theres silence in a world which i live. and i will not become. my fate

all is forgotten. live, love and regret.