Can't keep runnin' away.....

Verse One: Fat Lip

I must admit on some occasions I went out like a punk

and a chump or a sucka or something to that effect

Respect I usedto never get when all I got was upset

when niggas use to be like 'What's up fool!' and tried

to seat a nigga like the Lip for no reason at all I can

recall crip niggas throwin' c in my face down the hall

I'm kickin' it in the back of the school eatin' chicken at

three, wonderin' why is everybody always pickin' on me

I tried to talk and tell tham chill I did nothing to deserve

this But when it didn't work I wasn't scared just real

nervous and unprepared to deal with scrappin' no doubt

cuz my pappy never told me how to knock a nigga out

But now in 95 I must survive as a man on my own Fuck

around with Fatlip yes ya get blown I'm not tryin to show

no macho is shown but when it's on, if it's on, then it's on!

Verse Two: Slim Kid Tre

There comes a time in every mans life when he's gotta

handle up on his own Can't depend on friends to

help you in a sqeeze, please they got problems of their

own Down for the count on seven chickens shits don't

get to heaven til they faced these fears in these fear

zones Used to get jacked back in high school I played

it cool just so some real shit won't get full blown Being

where I'm from they let the smoke come quicker than an

evil red-neck could lynch a helpless colored figure And

as a victim I invented low-key til the keyhole itself got

lower than me So I stood up and let my free form form

free. Said I'm gonna get some before they knockin' out me.

I don't sweat it I let the bullshit blow in the breeze

in other words just freeze