My Jacket
You know how I'm coming (uh huh)

You know exactly how I'm coming

(I'm telling you) It don't stop

Shit don't stop

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

My jacket consist of

Batteries on robberies, pistol charges, and murder

I know I'm the realest nigga ya heard of besides Pac

Got niggaz screaming Soulja from the street to the cell block

[Verse 1]

You bitchu

Soulja Slim and his committy is coming to getchu

My mag 90 bullets hitchu and splitchu

In half, let a bitch boy stab

Won't last up against these mother fuckers that use to taking blood baths

I been smoking blounts with the devil thats why my eyes are red as the fuck

Now tell me do I look like the type that will be scared to bust?

Well guess what? I'm screaming out murder me and I'm vest up

Chest up

Test nuts

Watch up while I fletch ya

You bitch made and I'm self made

Magnolia calia mag made

I get through like a scale blade

And Kunta Kente your left leg

I play surgeon and I'll be slpurgen

In anonymous nasty big bourbons

Don't stunt dog

Whatever I say I'll come withcha I'll come dog

I'ma get mine for the two G's

Take it for I say please

I fuck with twirkers not the twirkees

Put it long will give a nigga the herpes

So I stay back, I mean way, y'all didn't notice how I say that?

Well mother fuck y'all hated waving on three G's laid back


[Verse 2]

As one time we was clicc tight

What the fuck going on? I just come home my shit aint going right

Everybody branching off doing they thang

Some of 'em in the studio and some of 'em they slang

Thats how it go I know this rap shit aint gone last forever

So I stash cheddar for hard times flipping to