Never Too Late

Your fading picture
Filling up my senses
You pulled the trigger
Shot through my defences
You left me bleeding lying on a bed of nails

There's something we should talk about
Can't let it slip away
Emotionally I'm lost without
Your sweet embrace

I want you wont settle for second best
Girl its true there's never been no one else
And never will

How could anything right go so wrong
how could anything good turn so bad
girl you're everything I really want
all I have and all I ever had

I need your loving
keep it coming to me
just like the river
that runs into the blue sea
I'm gonna please I'm begging on my hands and knees

Cause something deep within has died
my heart is in a mess
the loneliness is hard to hide
without your caress

You're all I need to fill in the pages
in my book of dreams it's never too late for love
never too late for love

And into the misty eyes of memory
do you remember how it used to be
do you recall all the good times baby

The days are dark the nights are long
if you're not here with me
love leads the way the road goes on
the best is yet to come